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WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-15 00:02:47 Vape Detectors in Schools, Mental Health on Pinterest, and More News (lien direct)

Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

ZDNet.png 2019-11-14 23:17:00 GitHub launches \'Security Lab\' to help secure open source ecosystem (lien direct)

Fourteen companies unite get together to search, find, and fix security flaws in GitHub-hosted open source projects.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 23:10:00 5G is on track in China, but will it pay? (lien direct)

Commentary: Recent data from China suggests 5G is on track, but will it pay off?

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 23:09:30 The Searing Colors of Santiago\'s Revolution (lien direct)

Photographer Marcelo Hernandez\'s image pinpoints the glory and agony of Chileans\' struggle for liberation.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 21:43:26 How to use per-host SSH configuration (lien direct)

Learn how to make your SSH use more efficient and convenient with per-host configurations.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 21:34:32 How to install ntopng on a Debian minimal server (lien direct)

Getting a real-time network monitor up and running is just a few commands away with ntopng.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 21:11:32 How to integrate Dropbox into Slack (lien direct)

Learn how to integrate Slack and Dropbox for even more efficient collaboration.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 20:51:22 How to manage site settings in Vivaldi for Android (lien direct)

Find out how to enable or disable permissions on a site-by-site basis in the Vivaldi browser.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 20:44:58 74% of US knowledge workers will quit a job for an opportunity to work from home (lien direct)

Nearly everyone in the US workforce wants to work from home, according to Zapier report.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 20:35:33 How Wily Teens Outwit Bathroom Vape Detectors (lien direct)

Schools are shelling out thousands for vape detectors, yet students easily circumvent them. Teen vaping solutions need an educational component as well.

SecurityAffairs.png 2019-11-14 20:33:26 Experts found privilege escalation issue in Symantec Endpoint Protection (lien direct)

Symantec addressed a local privilege escalation flaw that affects all Symantec Endpoint Protection client versions prior to 14.2 RU2. Symantec addressed a local privilege escalation flaw, tracked as CVE-2019-12758, that affects all Symantec Endpoint Protection client versions prior to 14.2 RU2. The vulnerability could be exploited by attackers to escalate privileges on target devices and carry out malicious actions, including the […]

The post Experts found privilege escalation issue in Symantec Endpoint Protection appeared first on Security Affairs.

bleepingcomputer.png 2019-11-14 19:55:01 Two Charged Over Crypto Theft via SIM Swapping, Death Threats (lien direct)

Two men from Massachusetts were arrested and charged by the Boston U.S. District Court with stealing high-value social media accounts and hundreds of thousands worth of cryptocurrency from at least ten victims by using SIM swapping, death threats, and hacking. [...]

no_ico.png 2019-11-14 19:54:44 Do You Need To Marie Kondo Your Security Infrastructure? (lien direct)

Implementing cybersecurity can be a lot like the cluttered homes Marie Kondo has turned from messy to ones that inspire joy. Whether you\'re a Marie Kondo fan or not, she makes you realize that at some point the \'stuff\' you have is ruling you instead of vice versa. In security, many organizations are ready for …

The ISBuzz Post: This Post Do You Need To Marie Kondo Your Security Infrastructure? appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

MalwarebytesLabs.png 2019-11-14 19:51:58 Stealthy new Android malware poses as ad blocker, serves up ads instead (lien direct) Since its discovery less than a month ago, a stealthy new Android malware has already been detected on over 500 devices, and it\'s on the rise. Learn how this clever threat pretends to be an ad blocker and then hides itself on mobile devices, all while serving up tons of ads.




(Read more...)

The post Stealthy new Android malware poses as ad blocker, serves up ads instead appeared first on Malwarebytes Labs.

no_ico.png 2019-11-14 19:45:00 The Pursuit Of API-ness (lien direct)

Ray Pompon, Principal Threat Research Evangelist at F5 Networks, examines the ongoing challenge of API visibility and security The word is out. Organisations across the world are finally waking up to the potential of application program interfaces (APIs) transforming business models and directly generating revenue.  Momentum has been building steadily. Back in 2015, the Harvard Business …

The ISBuzz Post: This Post The Pursuit Of API-ness appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

ZDNet.png 2019-11-14 19:44:06 Officials warn about the dangers of using public USB charging stations (lien direct)

Travelers should use only AC charging ports, use USB no-data cables, or "USB condom" devices.

no_ico.png 2019-11-14 19:31:50 Expert On Microsoft\'s November 2019 Patch Tuesday Fixes IE Zero-day, 74 Flaws (lien direct)

With the release of the November 2019 security updates, Microsoft has released 2 advisories and updates for 74 vulnerabilities. Of these vulnerabilities, 13 are classified as Critical. The November 2019 Patch Tuesday also fixes a critical remote code execution vulnerability in Internet Explorer that was being actively exploited in the wild.

The ISBuzz Post: This Post Expert On Microsoft’s November 2019 Patch Tuesday Fixes IE Zero-day, 74 Flaws appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

no_ico.png 2019-11-14 19:27:02 Checkpoint\'s Zone Alarm Suffers Breach Of 4,500 Subscribers\' Data (lien direct)

ZoneAlarm, a security firm owned by Check Point that offers security solutions to PC users worldwide, recently suffered an unauthorised intrusion into one of its web domains that compromised names, email addresses, hashed passwords, and date of births of up to 4,500 users. Upon contacting the security firm, The Hacker News learned that “attackers exploited a known critical …

The ISBuzz Post: This Post Checkpoint’s Zone Alarm Suffers Breach Of 4,500 Subscribers’ Data appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 19:09:15 Motorola\'s revived Razr has no compelling productivity angle for professionals (lien direct)

Motorola is releasing a new Razr to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the brand. For a folding phone, there\'s not a lot here to unpack for business users.

no_ico.png 2019-11-14 18:56:55 Experts Comments On New 5G Flaws Can Track Phone Locations And Spoof Emergency Alerts (lien direct)

It has been reported that security researchers at Purdue University and the University of Iowa have found close to a dozen vulnerabilities in 5G, which they say can be used to track a victim\'s real-time location, spoof emergency alerts that can trigger panic or silently disconnect a 5G-connected phone from the network altogether. 5G is said to be …

The ISBuzz Post: This Post Experts Comments On New 5G Flaws Can Track Phone Locations And Spoof Emergency Alerts appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 18:43:45 The pros and cons for companies of moving to a fully remote workforce (lien direct)

More companies are moving to a fully remote workforce to save money and make employees happier. But there are challenges to consider.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 18:29:09 How to install a minimal server based on Debian 10 (lien direct)

Learn how to install a GUI-less, minimal server based on Debian 10.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 18:16:50 *The Witcher* Will Get a Second Season on Netflix (lien direct)

The streaming giant is also rebooting the *Beverly Hills Cop* franchise.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 18:07:28 Pinterest Has a New Plan to Address Self-Harm (lien direct)

The company has gotten better at removing distressing content. Now it wants to help users feel better.

SecureMac.png 2019-11-14 17:20:00 Checklist 163: Encryption Minus the Encryption (lien direct)

On this edition of The Checklist: Apple Mail Encryption, Now with Less Encryption!, Ransomware Revisited, and A Ring of Insecurity.

The post Checklist 163: Encryption Minus the Encryption appeared first on SecureMac.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 17:03:40 How to Be a Master Whistle Blower (lien direct)

Champion whistler Sean Lomax shared the tricks of his trade with WIRED.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 16:44:49 How to easily manage Firefox Places (lien direct)

Gain more control over what is saved in Firefox by using the hidden Places tool.

bleepingcomputer.png 2019-11-14 16:36:15 Intel Patched 77 Vulnerabilities in November 2019 Platform Update (lien direct)

Intel addressed 77 vulnerabilities during the November 2019 Patch Tuesday, with more than two dozen of them being high severity and critical security flaws impacting Windows and Linux. [...]

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 16:27:21 New phishing email campaign impersonates US postal service to deliver malware (lien direct)

The same threat actor has been observed targeting companies in the US, Italy, and Germany, according to a new report from security provider Proofpoint.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 16:07:00 The best Android phones of the past decade (lien direct)

Take a walk down the Android memory lane to find what we consider the best phones over the past decade.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 15:58:24 Survey: Employees with more tech skills needed by 80% of companies (lien direct)

A new study said 57% of businesses anticipate facing a significant skills gap in the next two years, so 72% identify re-skilling existing workforce as high priority.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 15:42:02 How a hacker at IBM uses disguises and devices to steal private information (lien direct)

An IBM X-Force Red team member explains how her background in makeup and sales helps her social engineering career. Also, she demonstrates how cybercriminals can easily clone your work ID badge.

bleepingcomputer.png 2019-11-14 15:27:22 ProtonMail Thanks Paid Accounts by Giving 5GB Extra Storage (lien direct)

As thanks for helping grow the ProtonMail platform, the encrypted email platform is giving their existing paid subscribers 5GB of extra storage space for free. [...]

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 15:25:39 How IBM uses Fortran and POWER9 in GRAF, the first "high-resolution, hourly forecast model" (lien direct)

IBM\'s new weather model is the first high-resolution global forecast model, bringing insights to weather forecasting previously limited to the US, Western Europe, and Japan.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 15:00:00 11 Early Black Friday Tech Deals for 2019 (Frequent Updates) (lien direct)

Get a head start on holiday shopping with these deals and discounts.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 15:00:00 Don\'t Underestimate the Forces, Mandalorian (lien direct)

A physicist analyzes a fight scene in the new TV series and asks: Do the *shoes* make the Mandalorian?

ZDNet.png 2019-11-14 14:44:43 Windows & Linux get options to disable Intel TSX to prevent Zombieload v2 attacks (lien direct)

Disclosure of new Zombieload v2 vulnerability prompts OS makers to react with ways to disable Intel\'s TSX technology.

SecurityAffairs.png 2019-11-14 14:40:55 Flaws in Qualcomm chips allows stealing private from devices (lien direct)

Security vulnerabilities in Qualcomm allow attackers to steal private data from hundreds of million millions of devices, especially Android smartphones. Security experts from Check Point have discovered security flaws in Qualcomm that could be exploited attackers to steal private data from the so-called TrustZone. The TrustZone is a security extension integrated by ARM into the […]

The post Flaws in Qualcomm chips allows stealing private from devices appeared first on Security Affairs.

TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 14:33:57 Dell Tech Summit: Power of compute in the next data decade (lien direct)

Computing will be more intelligent, personal, and accessible than ever before, according to Dell executives.

zataz.png 2019-11-14 14:30:17 Les fuites de données, comment fonctionnent les pirates ? (lien direct)

Dans la chronique cybersécurité de la semaine, proposée par WEO Tv, on revient sur les fuites de données et comment agissent les pirates pour vous vendre. Cette semaine, dans ma chronique cybersécurité diffusée sur Weo TV, je reviens sur les fuites de données. On explique quelques méthodes de collec...

Cet article Les fuites de données, comment fonctionnent les pirates ? est apparu en premier sur ZATAZ.

Pirate.png 2019-11-14 14:16:24 Des domaines suspects imitent des sites e-commerce qui utilisent des certificats valides (lien direct)
Une étude Venafi révèle des domaines suspects, imitant des sites de commerces qui utilisent des certificats valides. Les certificats approuvés offrent aux sites Web d’hameçonnage une apparence valide suscitant le vol de données sensibles d’identification et de paiement. Etude Venafi® – La société a publié aujourd’hui une étude portant sur la recrudescence des domaines qui […]
TechRepublic.png 2019-11-14 14:00:22 How retail companies can better protect themselves against cyberattacks (lien direct)

The sector has been hit by more data breaches than any other this year as criminal groups devise more advanced hacking methods, says threat intelligence company IntSights.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 14:00:00 Best Gift Ideas for Sony PlayStation Fans (2019) (lien direct)

From themed coasters to games like Spider-Man, these are 2019\'s best gift ideas for a PlayStation lover.

AlienVault.png 2019-11-14 14:00:00 Cybersecurity: top of mind Q and A (lien direct)

I really enjoy Shira Rubinoff's videos, and captured one of them in case you prefer reading to watching videos. Please find snippets of this commentary in the AT&T Cybersecurity video series with Shira Rubinoff interviewing me recently.

Q1:  How will CISO’s investments change in 2019? What areas of cybersecurity do they see receiving more funding?

  • Many large and mid-size businesses are recognizing security requires more than just a technology investment. Service organizations bring technology, expertise, and resources to the table in a way that may be a more cost-effective alternative to trying to manage all this internally
  • Lack of resources as a major challenge along with keeping up with advancements in cybersecurity technology by utilizing outside service providers rather than hire, retain, and manage staff
  • For the CISO, this translates to set a big picture of priorities such as maintaining customer trust and keeping the organizations name out of the headlines. In order to accomplish these priorities, there are essential areas where security executives will spend their time, and money in 2019
    1. Develop a culture of security: The culture must go together with policies and best practices. Every single person within the organization has some responsibility for security
    2. Security and Risk Management: Governance and resource requirements, security frameworks, data protection, training and awareness, insider threats, third-party security practices as outsourcing increases
    3. Cloud Services: Cloud strategy, proper selection of services and deployment models. Scalable and
WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 14:00:00 The Future of Banking Is … You\'re Broke (lien direct)

Our present financial ruin is being turned into a business model.

grahamcluley.png 2019-11-14 13:54:56 Only after running out of hard disk space did firm realise hacker had stolen one million users\' details (lien direct)

Yet another company has been found woefully lacking when it comes to securing consumers\' data.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

datasecuritybreach.png 2019-11-14 13:53:20 Geneva, le priseur de censure ? (lien direct)

La censure d’Internet par des gouvernements autoritaires interdit un accès libre à l’information. Des millions de personnes dans le monde bloquées. Des chercheurs viennent de présenter Geneva, un tueur de censure ? Les tentatives pour échapper à une telle censure se sont transformées en une course sans cesse croissante pour suivre le rythme de la … Continue reading Geneva, le priseur de censure ?

L\'article Geneva, le priseur de censure ? est apparu en premier sur Data Security Breach.

ESET.png 2019-11-14 13:52:27 Microsoft issues patch for Internet Explorer zero‑day (lien direct)

The critical flaw could also be exploited via a malicious Microsoft Office document

The post Microsoft issues patch for Internet Explorer zero‑day appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

bleepingcomputer.png 2019-11-14 13:30:54 US Health Network, Supplier Expose PII, PHI Data in Breaches (lien direct)

Select Health Network and Solara Medical Supplies disclosed data incidents caused by breaches of their employees\' email accounts that lead to exposure of both personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). [...]

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-11-14 13:30:00 Audio Porn Platform Quinn Streams Erotica to Your Ears (lien direct)

The website, now relaunching, aims to become the internet\'s top destination for sexy sound clips as the “Spotify for audio porn.”

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