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The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-18 03:37:05 New Android Malware Apps Use Motion Sensor to Evade Detection (lien direct)

Even after so many efforts by Google for preventing its Play Store from malware, shady apps somehow managed to fool its anti-malware protections and get into its service to infect Android users with malware. Two such Android apps have recently been spotted on the Google Play Store by security researchers with the Trend Micro malware research team, infecting thousands of Android users who have

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-17 22:49:04 A Twitter Bug Left Android Users\' Private Tweets Exposed For 4 Years (lien direct)

Twitter just admitted that the social network accidentally revealed some Android users\' protected tweets to the public for more than 4 years - a kind of privacy blunder that you\'d typically expect from Facebook. When you sign up for Twitter, all your Tweets are public by default, allowing anyone to view and interact with your Tweets. Fortunately, Twitter also gives you control of your

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-17 01:37:02 Ukrainian Police Arrest 6 Hackers Linked to DDoS and Financial Attacks (lien direct)

Ukrainian Police have this week busted out two separate groups of hackers involved in carrying out DDoS attacks against news agencies and stealing money from Ukrainian citizens, respectively. According to the authorities, the four suspected hackers they arrested last week, all aged from 26 to 30 years, stole more than 5 million Hryvnia (around 178,380 USD) from the bank accounts of Ukrainian

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-16 23:45:03 Unprotected Government Server Exposes Years of FBI Investigations (lien direct)

A massive government data belonging to the Oklahoma Department of Securities (ODS) was left unsecured on a storage server for at least a week, exposing a whopping 3 terabytes of data containing millions of sensitive files. The unsecured storage server, discovered by Greg Pollock, a researcher with cybersecurity firm UpGuard, also contained decades worth of confidential case files from the

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-16 10:04:00 Hackers infect e-commerce sites by compromising their advertising partner (lien direct)

Magecart strikes again, one of the most notorious hacking groups specializes in stealing credit card details from poorly-secured e-commerce websites. According to security researchers from RiskIQ and Trend Micro, cybercriminals of a new subgroup of Magecart, labeled as "Magecart Group 12," recently successfully compromised nearly 277 e-commerce websites by using supply-chain attacks. Magecart

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-16 04:56:03 Flight Booking System Flaw Affected Customers of 141 Airlines Worldwide (lien direct)

Almost half of the fight travelers around the world were found exposed to a critical security vulnerability discovered in online flight ticket booking system that allowed remote hackers to access and modify their travel details and even claim their frequent flyer miles. Israeli network security researcher Noam Rotem discovered the vulnerability when he booked a flight on the Israeli airline

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-16 02:58:01 Fortnite Flaws Allowed Hackers to Takeover Gamers\' Accounts (lien direct)

Check Point researchers have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in Fortnite, a massively popular online battle game, one of which could have allowed remote attackers to completely takeover player accounts just by tricking users into clicking an unsuspectable link. The reported Fortnite flaws include a SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) bug, a web application firewall bypass

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-16 01:21:02 Unprotected VOIP Server Exposed Millions of SMS Messages, Call Logs (lien direct)

A California-based Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services provider VOIPO has accidentally left tens of gigabytes of its customer data, containing millions of call logs, SMS/MMS messages, and plaintext internal system credentials, publicly accessible to anyone without authentication. VOIPo is one of a leading providers of Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services in the United States offering reseller VoIP, Cloud

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-15 23:15:04 5 Popular Web Hosting Services Found Vulnerable to Multiple Flaws (lien direct)

A security researcher has discovered multiple one-click client-side vulnerabilities in the some of the world\'s most popular and widely-used web hosting companies that could have put millions of their customers as well as billions of their sites\' visitors at risk of hacking. Independent researcher and bug-hunter Paulos Yibelo, who shared his new research with The Hacker News, discovered roughly

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-15 11:34:04 Two Hackers Charged with Hacking SEC System in Stock-Trading Scheme (lien direct)

The U.S. authorities have charged two Ukrainian hackers for hacking into the Securities and Exchange Commission\'s EDGAR filing system and stealing sensitive market-moving reports of companies before their public release. EDGAR, or Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval, is an online filing system wherein companies submit their financial filings. The system processes around 1.7

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-15 07:29:00 Reminder: Microsoft to end support for Windows 7 in 1-year from today (lien direct)

A new reminder for those who are still holding on to the Windows 7 operating system-you have one year left until Microsoft ends support for its 9-year-old operating system. So it\'s time for you to upgrade your OS and say goodbye to Windows 7, as its five years of extended support will end on January 14, 2020-that\'s precisely one year from today. After that date, the tech giant will no longer

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-15 04:32:00 36-Year-Old SCP Clients\' Implementation Flaws Discovered (lien direct)

A set of 36-year-old vulnerabilities has been uncovered in the Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) implementation of many client applications that can be exploited by malicious servers to overwrite arbitrary files in the SCP client target directory unauthorizedly. Session Control Protocol (SCP), also known as secure copy, is a network protocol that allows users to securely transfer files between a

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-15 03:51:04 How to Secure Your Mid-Size Organization From the Next Cyber Attack (lien direct)

If you are responsible for the cybersecurity of a medium-sized company, you may assume your organization is too small to be targeted. Well, think again. While the major headlines tend to focus on large enterprises getting breached – such as Sony, Equifax, or Target the actual reality is that small and mid-sized companies are experiencing similar threats. According to Verizon\'s 2018 Data

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-15 01:57:01 Unpatched vCard Flaw Could Let Hackers Compromise Your Windows PCs (lien direct)

A zero-day vulnerability has been discovered and reported in the Microsoft\'s Windows operating system that, under a certain scenario, could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on Windows machine. Discovered by security researcher John Page (@hyp3rlinx), the vulnerability was reported to the Microsoft security team through Trend Micro\'s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) Program over 6

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-15 00:17:04 Police Can\'t Force You To Unlock Your Phone Using Face or Fingerprint Scan (lien direct)

Can feds force you to unlock your iPhone or Android phone? ..."NO" A Northern California judge has ruled that federal authorities can\'t force you to unlock your smartphone using your fingerprints or other biometric features such as facial recognition-even with a warrant. The ruling came in the case of two unspecified suspects allegedly using Facebook Messenger to threaten a man with the

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-11 09:32:02 Does WhatsApp Has A Privacy Bug That Could Expose Your Messages? (lien direct)

In-short conclusion-Whatsapp service or its 45-days deletion policy doesn\'t seem to have a bug. For detailed logical explanation, please read below. An Amazon employee earlier today tweeted details about an incident that many suggests could be a sign of a huge privacy bug in the most popular end-to-end encrypted Whatsapp messaging app that could expose some of your secret messages under

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-11 01:43:03 DDoSing Hospital Networks Landed This Hacktivist in Jail for Over 10 Years (lien direct)

A simple DDoS attack could land you in jail for 10 years or even more. A Massachusetts man has been sentenced to over 10 years in prison for launching DDoS attacks against the computer network of two healthcare organizations in 2014 to protest the treatment of a teenager at the centers. Beyond serving 121 months in prison, Martin Gottesfeld, 34, was also ordered by U.S. District Judge

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-10 22:59:03 PyLocky Ransomware Decryption Tool Released - Unlock Files For Free (lien direct)

If your computer has been infected with PyLocky Ransomware and you are searching for a free ransomware decryption tool to unlock or decrypt your files-your search might end here. Security researchers at Cisco\'s Talos cyber intelligence unit have released a free decryption tool that makes it possible for victims infected with the PyLocky ransomware to unlock their encrypted files for free

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-10 07:31:02 Over 202 Million Chinese Job Seekers\' Details Exposed On the Internet (lien direct)

Cybersecurity researcher has discovered online a massive database containing records of more than 202 million Chinese citizens that remained accessible to anyone on the Internet without authentication until last week. The unprotected 854.8 gigabytes of the database was stored in an instance of MongoDB, a NoSQL high performance and cross-platform document-oriented database, hosted by an

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-10 04:18:02 New Systemd Privilege Escalation Flaws Affect Most Linux Distributions (lien direct)

Security researchers have discovered three vulnerabilities in Systemd, a popular init system and service manager for most Linux operating systems, that could allow unprivileged local attackers or malicious programs to gain root access on the targeted systems. The vulnerabilities, assigned as CVE-2018-16864, CVE-2018-16865, and CVE-2018-16866, actually resides in the "systemd-journald" service

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-10 03:00:05 Hackers Using Zero-Width Spaces to Bypass MS Office 365 Protection (lien direct)

Security researchers have been warning about a simple technique that cybercriminals and email scammers are already being using in the wild to bypass security features of Microsoft Office 365, including Safe Links, which are originally designed to protect users from malware and phishing attacks. Safe Links has been included by Microsoft in Office 365 as part of its ATP (Advanced Threat

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-10 00:39:04 Google DNS Service ( Now Supports DNS-over-TLS Security (lien direct)

Almost every activity on the Internet starts with a DNS query, a key function of the Internet that works as an Internet\'s directory where your device looks up for the server IP addresses after you enter a human-readable web address (e.g., thehackernews.com). Since DNS queries are sent in clear text over UDP or TCP without encryption, the information can reveal not only what websites an

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-09 23:04:04 Turns Out Kaspersky Labs Helped FBI Catch Alleged NSA Leaker (lien direct)

Remember "The Shadow Brokers" and the arrest of a former NSA contractor accused of stealing 50 Terabytes of top secret documents from the intelligence agency? It turns out that, Kaspersky Lab, which has been banned in US government computers over spying fears, was the one who tipped off the U.S. government and helped the FBI catch NSA contractor Harold T. Martin III, unnamed sources familiar

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-09 07:40:04 German Police Seek Help In Finding Parcel Bomber With MAC Address (lien direct)

German police are seeking your help in gathering information related to a MAC address that could lead to the cell phone device used by a DHL blackmailer who last year parceled out bombs at different addresses in Brandenburg and Berlin. Between November 2017 and April 2018, someone used German parcel delivery service DHL to sent out several so-called improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-09 02:42:02 Get 10 Popular Books To Learn Advanced Hacking [2018 Bundle] (lien direct)

It should come as no surprise that cybersecurity is one of the most important and lucrative fields in the world right now, and it\'s becoming more important every day-thanks to a growing number of cyber attacks that are targeting everything from individuals and startups to Fortune 500 companies and entire government agencies. So it should also come as no surprise that demand for talented and

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-09 02:10:05 Google Removes 85 Adware Apps That Infect 9 Million Android Users (lien direct)

Google has removed 85 apps from its Play Store after finding out that they were pushing aggressive, full-screen adware to Android users. With the rise in the mobile market, Adware has become one of the most prevalent mobile threats in the world. Adware has traditionally been used to aggressively push ads like banners or pop-ups on mobile screens to make money for its makers. The now-removed

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-08 23:33:01 Microsoft Patch Tuesday - January 2019 Security Updates Released (lien direct)

Microsoft has issued its first Patch Tuesday for this year to address 49 CVE-listed security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and other products, 7 of which are rated critical, 40 important and 2 moderate in severity. Just one of the security vulnerabilities patched by the tech giant this month has been reported as being publicly known at the time of release, and none are

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-08 22:20:04 New KickAss Torrents (KAT) ~ 2019 Best Torrent Sites (Working) (lien direct)

Good news, the new Kickass Torrents site is back. Back in July 2017, popular BitTorrent site Kickass Torrents (KAT cr) was taken down by the United States authorities. The peer to peer file sharing site became the world\'s biggest piracy hub after The Pirate Bay went offline. Now shortly after law enforcement shut down the original KAT site, a group of devoted site staffers launched the

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-08 09:06:00 20-Year-Old Man Arrested For Carrying Out Germany\'s Biggest Data Leak (lien direct)

German federal police have arrested a 20-year-old local student for stealing and publishing a massive trove of personal data of hundreds of politicians, journalists and other public figures last month. The young man, whose identity has not been revealed by the police, was arrested after police raided his parent\'s house in west-central German State of Hesse on Sunday and recovered a computer

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-08 04:00:00 Zerodium Offers to Buy Zero-Day Exploits at Higher Prices Than Ever (lien direct)

Well, there\'s some good news for hackers and vulnerability hunters, though terrible news for tech manufacturers! Exploit vendor Zerodium is now willing to offer significantly higher payouts for full, working zero-day exploits that allow stealing of data from WhatsApp, iMessage and other online chat applications. Zerodium-a startup by the infamous French-based company Vupen that buys and sells

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-08 03:27:01 Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hit by Double-Spend Attack Worth $1.1 Million (lien direct)

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has suspended all transactions of Ethereum Classic (ETC)-the original unforked version of the Ethereum network-on their trading platforms, other products and services after detecting a potential attack on the cryptocurrency network that let someone spend the same digital coins twice. Why is this attack concerning? The heist resulted in the loss of $1.1

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-07 01:37:01 NSA to release its GHIDRA reverse engineering tool for free (lien direct)

The United States\' National Security Agency (NSA) is planning to release its internally developed reverse engineering tool for free at the upcoming RSA security conference 2019 that will be held in March in San Francisco. The existence of the framework, dubbed GHIDRA, was first publicly revealed by WikiLeaks in CIA Vault 7 leaks, but the tool once again came to light after Senior NSA Adviser

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-05 01:37:03 Town of Salem Data Breach Exposes 7.6 Million Gamers\' Accounts (lien direct)

A massive data breach at the popular online role-playing game \'Town of Salem\' has reportedly impacted more than 7.6 million players, the game owner BlankMediaGames (BMG) confirmed Wednesday on its online forum. With the user base of more than 8 million players, Town of Salem is a browser-based game that enables gamers (which range from 7 to 15 users) to play a version of the famous secret role

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-04 05:52:01 Hackers Leak Personal Data from Hundreds of German Politicians On Twitter (lien direct)

Germany has been hit with the biggest hack in its history. A group of unknown hackers has leaked highly-sensitive personal data from more than 100 German politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brandenburg\'s prime minister Dietmar Woidke, along with some German artists, journalists, and YouTube celebrities. The leaked data that was published on a Twitter account (@_0rbit) and

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-04 00:13:01 Adobe Issues Emergency Patches for Two Critical Flaws in Acrobat and Reader (lien direct)

I hope you had biggest, happiest and craziest New Year celebration, but now it\'s time to come back at work and immediately update your systems to patch new security flaws that could exploit your computer just by opening a PDF file. Adobe has issued an out-of-band security update to patch two critical vulnerabilities in the company\'s Acrobat and Reader for both the Windows and macOS operating

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-03 07:16:03 Thousands of Google Chromecast Devices Hijacked to Promote PewDiePie (lien direct)

A group of hackers has hijacked tens of thousands of Google\'s Chromecast streaming dongles, Google Home smart speakers and smart TVs with built-in Chromecast technology in recent weeks by exploiting a bug that\'s allegedly been ignored by Google for almost five years. The attackers, who go by Twitter handles @HackerGiraffe and @j3ws3r, managed to hijack Chromecasts\' feeds and display a pop-up,

The_Hackers_News.png 2019-01-03 04:37:04 Google Partially Patches Flaw in Chrome for Android 3 Years After Disclosure (lien direct)

Google has finally patched a privacy vulnerability in its Chrome web browser for Android that exposes users\' device model and firmware version, eventually enabling remote attackers to identify unpatched devices and exploit known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability, which has not yet given any CVE number, is an information disclosure bug that resides in the way the Google Chrome for Android

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-21 00:50:02 FBI Seizes 15 DDoS-For-Hire Websites, 3 Operators Charged (lien direct)

The FBI just saved the Christmas. The U.S. Justice Department announced earlier today that the FBI has seized domains of 15 "DDoS-for-hire" websites and charged three individuals running some of these services. DDoS-for-hire, or "Booter" or "Stresser," services rent out access to a network of infected devices, which then can be used by anyone, even the least tech-savvy individual, to launch

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-20 23:45:03 US Indicts Two Chinese Government Hackers Over Global Hacking Campaign (lien direct)

The US Department of Justice on Thursday charged two Chinese hackers associated with the Chinese government for hacking numerous companies and government agencies in a dozen countries. The Chinese nationals, Zhu Hua (known online as Afwar, CVNX, Alayos and Godkiller) and Zhang Shilong (known online as Baobeilong, Zhang Jianguo and Atreexp), are believed to be members of a state-sponsored

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-20 07:49:02 Hacker Discloses New Unpatched Windows Zero-Day Exploit On Twitter (lien direct)

A security researcher with Twitter alias SandboxEscaper today released proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for a new zero-day vulnerability affecting Microsoft\'s Windows operating system. SandboxEscaper is the same researcher who previously publicly dropped exploits for two Windows zero-day vulnerabilities, leaving all Windows users vulnerable to the hackers until Microsoft patched them. The

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-19 23:35:00 Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For Under-Attack IE Zero Day (lien direct)

Microsoft today issued an out-of-band security update to patch a critical zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser that attackers are already exploiting in the wild to hack into Windows computers. Discovered by security researcher Clement Lecigne of Google\'s Threat Analysis Group, the vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-8653, is a remote code execution (RCE) flaw in the IE

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-19 00:43:03 Mayday! NASA Warns Employees of Personal Information Breach (lien direct)

Another day, another data breach. This time it\'s the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) NASA today confirmed a data breach that may have compromised personal information of some of its current and former employees after at least one of the agency\'s servers was hacked. In an internal memo sent to all employees on Tuesday, NASA said the unknown hackers managed

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-18 03:35:03 Twitter Discloses Suspected State-Sponsored Attack After Minor Data Breach (lien direct)

Twitter has been hit with a minor data breach incident that the social networking site believes linked to a suspected state-sponsored attack. In a blog post published on Monday, Twitter revealed that while investigating a vulnerability affecting one of its support forms, the company discovered evidence of the bug being misused to access and steal users\' exposed information. The impacted

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-18 01:54:04 New Malware Takes Commands From Memes Posted On Twitter (lien direct)

Security researchers have discovered yet another example of how cybercriminals disguise their malware activities as regular traffic by using legitimate cloud-based services. Trend Micro researchers have uncovered a new piece of malware that retrieves commands from memes posted on a Twitter account controlled by the attackers. Most malware relies on communication with their

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-14 22:05:01 Critical SQLite Flaw Leaves Millions of Apps Vulnerable to Hackers (lien direct)

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in widely used SQLite database software that exposes billions of deployments to hackers. Dubbed as \'Magellan\' by Tencent\'s Blade security team, the newly discovered SQLite flaw could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary or malicious code on affected devices, leak program memory or crash applications. SQLite is a

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-14 10:01:02 New Facebook Bug Exposed 6.8 Million Users Photos to Third-Party Apps (lien direct)

Facebook\'s latest screw-up - a programming bug in Facebook website accidentally gave 1,500 third-party apps access to the unposted Facebook photos of as many as 6.8 million users. Facebook today quietly announced that it discovered a new API bug in its photo-sharing system that let 876 developers access users\' private photos which they never shared on their timeline, including images uploaded

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-14 08:19:01 New Shamoon Malware Variant Targets Italian Oil and Gas Company (lien direct)

Shamoon is back… one of the most destructive malware families that caused damage to Saudi Arabia\'s largest oil producer in 2012 and this time it has targeted energy sector organizations primarily operating in the Middle East. Earlier this week, Italian oil drilling company Saipem was attacked and sensitive files on about 10 percent of its servers were destroyed, mainly in the Middle East,

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-14 04:57:00 Fake Bomb Threat Emails Demanding Bitcoins Sparked Chaos Across US, Canada (lien direct)

"Pay $20,000 worth of bitcoin, or a bomb will detonate in your building" A massive number of businesses, schools, government offices and individuals across the US, New Zealand and Canada on Thursday received bomb threats via emails that caused nationwide chaos, forcing widespread evacuations and police response. The bomb threat emails were apparently sent by spammers, threatening people that

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-12 02:35:02 Adobe\'s Year-End Update Patches 87 Flaws in Acrobat Software (lien direct)

Adobe is closing out this year with its December Patch Tuesday update to address a massive number of security vulnerabilities for just its two PDF apps-more than double the number of what Microsoft patched this month for its several products. Adobe today released patches for 87 vulnerabilities affecting its Acrobat and Reader software products for both macOS and Windows operating systems, of

The_Hackers_News.png 2018-12-12 00:49:05 Microsoft Issues Patch for Windows Zero-Day Flaw Under Active Attack (lien direct)

Microsoft today, on its year-end December Patch Tuesday, released security updates to patch a total 39 vulnerabilities its Windows operating systems and applications-10 of which are rated as critical and other important in severity. One of the security vulnerabilities patched by the tech giant this month is listed as publicly known at the time of release, and one is a zero-day reported as being

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