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WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 23:00:05 Apple Enters the Credit Card Market With-Yep-Apple Card (lien direct)

Apple Card lives both in the existing Wallet app and as a status-signaling physical titanium card.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 22:17:03 Breaking Down Apple News+, Apple TV+, Apple Card and More (lien direct)

Catch up on the most important news today in 2 minutes or less.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 22:17:00 McDonald\'s Acquires Machine-Learning Startup Dynamic Yield for $300 Million (lien direct)

The fast-food giant\'s largest acquisition in 20 years is bringing machine learning to the drive-thru.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 21:35:04 All the New Services Apple Announced: News+, TV+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade (lien direct)

Apple held a media event at its Cupertino, California campus on Monday morning. It showed off a host of new content services and launched its own credit card.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 20:15:00 How to Check Your Computer for Hacked Asus Software Update (lien direct)

Hackers compromised Asus\'s Live Update tool to distribute malware to almost a million people. Here\'s how to find out if your computer has it.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 19:29:01 Apple TV+ Is Here-but the Streaming Service Has a Long Way to Go (lien direct)

The streaming service has big names, and deep pockets, but must-watch programming? Dunno.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 18:26:02 Meet LockerGoga, the Ransomware Crippling Industrial Firms (lien direct)

The new strain of malware represents a dangerous combination of aggressive disruption and high-stakes targets.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 18:14:03 Apple Launches Apple News+ Paid Subscription Service (lien direct)

Apple News Plus will cost $10 a month and provide subscribers with feature stories from hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 16:05:00 The Comedian With the Best Trump Impression? None of Them (lien direct)

Few, if any, actors have been able to accurately mimic the president\'s style.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 16:02:03 \'Us\' Broke a Lot of Box Office Records (lien direct)

Jordan Peele\'s horror flick made a lot of cash this weekend. Also, one of the Jonas Brothers knows how \'Game of Thrones\' ends.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 13:00:00 Simple Experiments Show How Motion Is Equivalent to Heat (lien direct)

A big idea in thermodynamics is the mechanical equivalent of heat, a concept that spells out how moving objects and changing temperatures relate.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 12:00:00 In Germany, Solar-Powered Homes Are Really Catching On (lien direct)

The country is getting closer to the solar home revolution: a panel on every roof, an EV in every garage, and a battery in every basement.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 11:00:00 Can AI Be a Fair Judge in Court? Estonia Thinks So (lien direct)

Estonia plans to use an artificial intelligence program to decide some small-claims cases, part of a push to make government services smarter.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:01:00 Liveblog: Live Updates From Apple\'s March 25 Event (lien direct)

On Monday morning, Apple hosts an event to outline plans for its news distribution and media streaming services. Our live coverage starts at 9 am Pacific.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 The Beautiful Benefits of Contemplating Doom (lien direct)

The Doomsday Clock reminds us that global catastrophe is closer than ever. But it doesn\'t have to be all gloom.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 Synthetic Biology Could Bring a Pox on Us All (lien direct)

New methods are making it easier than ever to produce life-saving vaccines-and life-taking viruses that humanity is not prepared to fight.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 What Happens When a Jury Grapples With Perplexing Science (lien direct)

Two decades ago, a new form of genetic testing helped send a man to prison. But the case exposed the limits of using complicated forensics in a criminal trial.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 We Might Be Reaching \'Peak Indifference\' on Climate Change (lien direct)

Anyone who wants to deal with climate change may have only a brief window to sell the public on a plan.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 A Clever New Strategy for Treating Cancer, Thanks to Darwin (lien direct)

Most advanced-stage cancers mutate, resisting drugs meant to kill them. Now doctors are harnessing the principles of evolution to thwart that lethal adaptation.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 On the Trail of the Robocall King (lien direct)

An investigator set out to discover the source of one scammy robocall. Turns out, his target made them by the millions.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 The Engine Propelling the Fastest Woman on Four Wheels (lien direct)

A turbojet engine used on F-4 Phantom jets during the Vietnam War finds a new purpose.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 Angry Nerd: The Next Big One Will Be a Dataquake (lien direct)

Platforms have become the slabs of virtual bedrock underlying life. And every day they shift.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-25 10:00:00 Machines Shouldn\'t Have to Spy On Us to Learn (lien direct)

We need a breakthrough that allows us to reap the benefits of AI without savaging data privacy.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-24 23:05:04 Mueller Report Says No Collusion, Barr Raises a Million Questions (lien direct)

In a convoluted letter to Congress, Attorney General William Barr summarized Robert Mueller\'s report on the Russia investigation and said he won\'t charge President Trump with obstruction.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-24 16:00:00 How to Watch Apple\'s Event on Monday, March 25 (lien direct)

Things kick off at 10 AM on Monday, March 25, at the Steve Jobs Theater.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-24 13:00:00 Devin Nunes\' Twitter Lawsuit Tops This Week\'s Internet News Roundup (lien direct)

Last week the California congressman sued Twitter and some of its users-and that\'s barely the craziest thing that happened.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-24 13:00:00 Tesla Sues Zoox and More Car News This Week (lien direct)

Plus: Tesla sues Zoox over trade secrets, riding with Peloton\'s truck train, and more.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-24 12:00:00 The Mysterious Math of How Cells Determine Their Own Fate (lien direct)

During development, cells seem to use statistics to figure out what identities they should take on.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 14:00:00 Space Photos of the Week: True Colors Shining Through (lien direct)

From nebulae to Andromeda to candy-colored Titan, space is full of spring hues.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 13:00:00 We Need More Videogame Folklorists (lien direct)

Author Wes Locher believes chronicling the offline lives of players is important. He\'s right.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 13:00:00 Kushner Used WhatsApp, a Very Bad Database Leak, and More Security News This Week (lien direct)

Jared and Ivanka used WhatsApp against the rules, and more security news this week.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 12:00:00 Safety-Obsessed Volvo Goes After Distracted, Speedy Drivers (lien direct)

To go with smarter safety tech, Volvo is upping its driver-monitoring efforts and putting speed limits on all its cars.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 12:00:00 7 Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online (2019) (lien direct)

We tried more than two dozen online bed-in-a-box mattresses. These are the best queen-sized memory foam, hybrid, cheap, and luxury mattresses we found.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 11:00:00 19 Best Tech Deals on PC Gaming, Camping Gear, and More (lien direct)

We found a handful of great tech and outdoor discounts to peruse if you didn\'t already order the new iPad or Kindle.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 11:00:00 How Do You Pronounce Buttigieg? The Internet Counts the Ways (lien direct)

As the Internet falls for presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg\'s millennial POV, first it has to learn how to say his name.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-23 00:10:05 FEMA Leaked Data From 2.3 Million Disaster Survivors (lien direct)

The Homeland Security Department inspector general released a damning report about FEMA\'s inability to safeguard the personal info of the people it helped.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 22:36:02 The Mueller Report Is Here, Apple\'s Big Event, And More News (lien direct)

Catch up on the most important news today in two minutes or less.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 22:10:01 The Mueller Report Is Done. Now Comes the Hard Part (lien direct)

Special counsel Robert Mueller finished his investigation into the 2016 presidential election Friday.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 18:07:01 Gadget Lab Podcast: Google Takes on Microsoft, Amazon in Gaming (lien direct)

Google\'s just-announced cloud gaming service, Stadia, holds the promise of seamless, multi-device gaming. Is it too good to be true?

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 13:00:00 \'Return of the Obra Dinn\' Is the Best Indie Game Around (lien direct)

The title won big at this week\'s Independent Gaming Festival.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 13:00:00 You Can Play With Escape Velocity-Without Leaving the Planet (lien direct)

Gravity is a real pain for aspiring space travelers. These equations explain how to defy it.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 12:00:00 Utah Just Became a Leader in Digital Privacy (lien direct)

Opinion: Utah legislators recently voted to pass landmark legislation in support of a new privacy law. Statehouses across the country should take notes.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 12:00:00 Those Midwestern Floods Are Expected to Get Much, Much Worse (lien direct)

The intense snow and rainfall and of the last several weeks have saturated the ground and rivers, leaving little room for yet more upcoming rain.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 12:00:00 Review: \'Us\' Is About Ascending From Your Own Personal Hell (lien direct)

The wonder of Jordan Peele\'s latest movie lives in its layers.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 11:00:00 Costa Rica\'s Zero-Carbon Plan Could Be a Model for the World (lien direct)

President Carlos Alvarado Quesada explains Costa Rica\'s plan to ditch fossil fuels and how it could inspire others to do the same.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 11:00:00 The Very Mathematical History of a Perfect Color Combination (lien direct)

Solarized creator Ethan Schoonover sought colors that would look good together, have the same apparent brightness, and work on light and dark backgrounds.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 11:00:00 What to Expect From Monday\'s Big Apple Event (lien direct)

It\'s all about the services.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 10:00:00 The Top 3 Video Doorbells for Capturing Who\'s There (lien direct)

The latest models don\'t just connect your door to you phone. Control these with your voice, and let them govern the gadgets in your smart home.

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 10:00:00 Having Sleep Troubles? There\'s a Gadget for That (lien direct)

From smart mattresses to aural headbands, devices claiming to deliver a more satisfying slumber keep materializing. Do we really need so much help?

WiredThreatLevel.png 2019-03-22 10:00:00 Withings Move ECG Watch Is Good for Your Ticker (lien direct)

It may look like a stylish, minimalist timepiece but it tracks you steps and can detect if your heart skips a beat.

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