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RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-30 02:30:00 Judge: FTC can move forward with plans to impose tough new privacy restrictions on Meta (lien direct) A federal judge will not stop the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from intensifying restrictions it previously imposed on Meta as part of a record-breaking $5 billion privacy settlement. District Judge Timothy Kelly's Monday ruling allows the FTC to move ahead with a new proposal to impose a “blanket prohibition” on Facebook monetizing youth data. The ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 21:45:00 US Treasury sanctions Sinbad cryptocurrency mixer used by North Korean hackers (lien direct) The U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday sanctioned a popular cryptocurrency mixer used to launder funds stolen by hackers connected to the North Korean government. The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced new sanctions on Sinbad.io, which officials said has been used by North Korea's Lazarus Group to process millions of dollars' worth
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 21:05:00 CISA warns of attacks on Unitronics tool used by water utilities, wastewater systems (lien direct) The federal government is warning that hackers are targeting a specific tool used by water and wastewater systems after two utilities announced attacks this week. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said it is responding to the active exploitation of Unitronics programmable logic controllers (PLCs) used by many organizations in the water sector. CISA
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 19:45:00 Ukrainian gets 8-year sentence for running marketplace for Americans\' data (lien direct) A Ukrainian citizen was sentenced to eight years in U.S. prison for administering a marketplace that sold the personal information of millions of Americans. Vitalii Chychasov, 37, was arrested in March of last year while attempting to enter Hungary and was later extradited to the U.S. Chychasov previously agreed to forfeit $5 million in proceeds
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 17:53:00 Cybercriminals expand targeting of Iranian bank customers with known mobile malware (lien direct) Researchers have uncovered more than 200 fake mobile apps that mimic major Iranian banks to steal information from their customers. The campaign was first discovered in July of this year, but since then, the cybercriminals have expanded their capabilities, according to U.S.-based cybersecurity firm Zimperium. Initially, the threat actor behind the campaign created 40 credential-harvesting
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 17:45:00 Temporary surveillance extension to ride on defense policy bill (lien direct) U.S. lawmakers are expected to attach a short-term extension of a controversial surveillance tool to this year's final defense policy bill, a congressional source told Recorded Future News. By hitching a temporary renewal of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act - which is set to expire at the end of the calendar year
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 17:30:00 Okta security breach affected all customer support system users (lien direct) All Okta customer support system users were impacted by a security breach announced last month, the company's chief security officer said Wednesday - revealing that the breach was far larger than previously understood. Last month, the company said hackers were able to access “files inside Okta's customer support system associated with 134 Okta customers.” Several
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 16:39:00 Google network displayed ads on sanctioned websites, report shows (lien direct) Google served ads for several Fortune 500 companies and U.S. federal agencies on the website of an Iranian company “specially designated” for sanctions, a new report says. In some cases, ads for these organizations - as well as major political figures and government agencies - also appeared on several hardcore porn websites, according to screenshots ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 16:30:00 British Afrobeat singer pleads guilty to stealing $6 million in hacks on financial accounts (lien direct) A British man pleaded guilty in the Eastern District of New York on Tuesday to charges related to hacking into email and brokerage accounts and stealing more than $6 million from victims. Idris Dayo Mustapha faces up to 20 years in prison on charges of computer intrusion, securities fraud, wire fraud and access device fraud. ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-29 15:00:00 Japan\'s space agency hit by cyberattack (lien direct) Japan's aerospace exploration agency (JAXA) was hit by a cyberattack, a government representative said during the briefing on Wednesday. The unknown hackers reportedly targeted the agency's network server but failed to gain access to sensitive information. JAXA is responsible for developing and launching satellites into orbit and is also involved in advanced missions such as ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-28 22:15:00 Experts warn of critical ownCloud vulnerability being exploited (lien direct) Several security research companies are warning that a recently disclosed vulnerability affecting ownCloud is being exploited by hackers, ramping up the urgency for organizations to address the bug as soon as possible. ownCloud is a popular open-source software used to share files, contacts and calendar info. Last Tuesday, the company warned of CVE-2023-49103 - a ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-28 20:45:00 Healthcare manufacturer Henry Schein expects platform restored this week after cyberattack (lien direct) One of the largest distributors of healthcare products in the U.S. has restored some of its systems this week after more than a month of disruptions related to multiple cyberattacks. Henry Schein, which reported more than $12.5 billion in sales last year and has more than one million customers worldwide, said on Monday it has
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-28 18:51:00 Senate proposes surveillance bill without FBI warrant requirement (lien direct) A bipartisan group of U.S. senators on Tuesday introduced legislation to renew a powerful electronic spying program for a dozen more years, while eschewing some of the reforms sought by privacy advocates. The measure marks the third bill introduced in the past month that would extend a law known as Section 702 of the Foreign
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-28 17:00:00 North Texas water utility serving 2 million hit with cyberattack (lien direct) A water utility serving two million people in North Texas is dealing with a cybersecurity incident that caused operational issues. With more than 850 employees, North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) provides wholesale water, wastewater and solid waste management services to more than 13 cities in the state, including Plano and Frisco. Alex Johnson, director
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-28 14:19:00 High-profile ransomware gang suspects arrested in Ukraine (lien direct) Law enforcement officers from seven countries said they have arrested key members of a high-profile ransomware gang that was operating from Ukraine. Since 2018, the group's members have encrypted over 1,000 servers of large enterprises worldwide, causing at least $82 million in damages, according to Ukrainian police. The hackers demanded ransom payments in cryptocurrency. Among Legislation ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-28 13:35:00 English council spent £1.1 million recovering from ransomware attack (lien direct) Gloucester City Council in the West Midlands of England was forced to spend more than £1.1 million ($1.39 million) to recover from a ransomware attack in December 2021, according to the published agenda of a council meeting that took place on Monday. The meeting followed the council receiving a formal reprimand by the Information Commissioner's ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 22:00:00 AI systems \'subject to new types of vulnerabilities,\' British and US cyber agencies warn (lien direct) British and U.S. cybersecurity authorities published guidance on Monday about how to develop artificial intelligence systems in a way that will minimize the risks they face from mischief-makers through to state-sponsored hackers. “AI systems are subject to new types of vulnerabilities,” the 20-page document warns - specifically referring to machine-learning tools. The new guidelines have ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 21:37:00 Suspected Hamas-linked hackers target Israel with new version of SysJoker malware (lien direct) Hackers possibly linked to the Palestinian militant group Hamas are targeting Israeli critical industry sectors with a new version of the SysJoker backdoor malware, according to cybersecurity researchers. SysJoker was previously used against Israel's educational institutions in 2021. However, since then, the hackers have almost entirely rewritten its code and improved the malware's capabilities. The ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 19:23:00 Notorious ransomware gang takes credit for cyberattack on Fidelity National Financial (lien direct) A ransomware group behind some of the biggest cyberattacks in 2023 has taken credit for an incident involving a multibillion-dollar player in the real estate industry. Fidelity National Financial - a Fortune 500 provider of title insurance for property sales - acknowledged an attack in regulatory documents submitted November 21 to the U.S. Securities and ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 18:45:00 Pennsylvania water authority hit with cyberattack allegedly tied to pro-Iran group (lien direct) A water authority in Pennsylvania reportedly suffered a cyberattack, prompting officials to reassure people in the area that drinking water has not been affected by the incident. The Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa - which serves thousands of customers in communities northwest of Pittsburgh - did not respond to requests for comment but told local ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 18:34:00 Multiple hospitals divert ambulances after ransomware attack on parent company (lien direct) Hospitals in several states are facing issues due to a ransomware attack on parent company Ardent Health Services, which confirmed on Monday afternoon that it was responding to an incident. Ardent, based in Nashville, runs 37 healthcare facilities across the U.S. Since Thanksgiving, multiple local news outlets have reported that hospitals in their area are Medical ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 16:15:00 Tao Thomsen and the effort to back up what makes Ukraine uniquely Ukrainian (lien direct) Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, government officials, independent media organizations, and nonprofits have accused Russia of deliberately targeting churches and libraries and looting its most important museums. The intentional destruction of cultural heritage is a war crime, and Ukrainians say this is nothing less than an attempt to erase what makes Ukraine ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 16:15:00 Second top Ukrainian cyber official arrested amid corruption probe (lien direct) A high-profile Ukrainian cybersecurity official who was fired from his position last week was detained on Monday for his alleged involvement in an embezzlement scheme. Viktor Zhora, the ex-deputy head of Ukraine's State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP) will be held in pretrial detention for two months with bail set at $276,000,
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 15:38:00 Ukraine claims cyber operation against Russian aviation agency (lien direct) Ukraine's defense intelligence directorate has claimed it carried out a successful cyber operation against Russian government's civil aviation agency, also known as Rosaviatsia. The agency reported November 23 that as a result of the hack, it obtained “a large volume of confidential documents,” including a list of daily reports from Rosaviatsia spanning more than a ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-27 02:15:00 Kyberswap dit que 54,7 millions de dollars de crypto-monnaie utilisateur volés pendant l'attaque
KyberSwap says $54.7 million of user cryptocurrency stolen during attack
(lien direct)
La plate-forme de crypto-monnaie Kyberswap a déclaré vendredi qu'environ 54 millions de dollars de crypto-monnaie avaient été volés lors d'une cyberattaque annoncée plus tôt dans la semaine.Vendredi, dans une mise à jour, la société a confirmé que le hack avait eu lieu mercredi soir lorsque quelqu'un a utilisé «une série d'actions complexes pour effectuer des échanges d'exploitation, permettant le retrait de
The cryptocurrency platform KyberSwap said on Friday that around $54 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen during a cyberattack announced earlier in the week. In an update on Friday, the company confirmed that the hack occurred on Wednesday evening when someone used “a series of complex actions to conduct exploitative swaps, enabling the withdrawal of
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-24 21:00:00 Les législateurs de l'UE critiquent le manque d'action pour lutter contre les abus de logiciels espions
EU lawmakers criticize lack of action to tackle spyware abuses
(lien direct)
Le Parlement européen a adopté une résolution Jeudi, critiquant le cadre du Bloc \\ pour avoir omis de présenter toutes les lois qui aborderaient les abus de logiciels espions.Par un vote de 424 en faveur et 108 contre, avec 23 abstentions, des membres du Parlement européen (MEPS) ont appelé la commission à introduire de toute urgence une législation sur la question.Le
The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday criticizing the bloc\'s executive for failing to bring forward any laws that would address spyware abuses. By a vote of 424 in favor and 108 against, with 23 abstentions, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) called on the Commission to urgently introduce legislation on the matter. The
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-24 19:30:00 Cyber Chief ukrainien limogé libéré sous caution au milieu de la sonde de corruption
Sacked Ukrainian cyber chief released on bail amid corruption probe
(lien direct)
L'ancien chef de la cybersécurité de l'Ukraine \\ a été libéré de détention vendredi sur une caution de 700 000 $, selon Ukraine \\ Snon lucratif.Yurii Shchyhol, l'ex-tête du service d'État d'Ukraine \\ pour les communications spéciales et la protection de l'information (SSSIP) a été détenu plus tôt cette semaine dans le cadre d'une enquête sur un programme de détournement de fonds.Après avoir quitté le centre de détention provisoire, Shchyhol
Ukraine\'s former cybersecurity chief was released from detention on Friday on $700,000 bail, according to Ukraine\'s anti-corruption non-profit. Yurii Shchyhol, the ex-head of Ukraine\'s State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP) was detained earlier this week as part of an investigation into an embezzlement scheme. After leaving the pretrial detention center, Shchyhol will
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-24 17:00:00 Comment un organisme à but non lucratif russe essaie de se percer à travers le mur de censure du Kremlin \\
How one Russian nonprofit is trying to crack through the Kremlin\\'s censorship wall
(lien direct)
Gérer une organisation d'Internet Freedom dans un pays autoritaire n'est jamais facile, mais pour Roskomsvoboda, les deux dernières années ont été particulièrement difficiles.Jusqu'à l'invasion de l'Ukraine par la Russie en 2022, le groupe à but non lucratif basé à Moscou a connu des inconvénients de l'État, mais avait réussi à rester largement intact pendant près d'une décennie.Ces jours sont terminés.
Running an internet freedom organization in an authoritarian country is never easy, but for Roskomsvoboda, the past two years have been particularly difficult. Until Russia\'s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the Moscow-based nonprofit group experienced some inconveniences from the state but had managed to remain largely intact for nearly a decade. Those days are over.
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-24 16:15:00 Vanderbilt University Medical Center enquêtant sur l'incident de la cybersécurité
Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigating cybersecurity incident
(lien direct)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center a déclaré qu'il enquêtait sur un incident de cybersécurité qui a conduit au compromis d'une base de données.VUMC gère sept hôpitaux et plusieurs établissements de santé à Nashville, Tennessee - desservant plus de trois millions de patients chaque année.L'organisation est l'un des plus grands employeurs de l'État avec 40 000 employés et possède
Vanderbilt University Medical Center said it is investigating a cybersecurity incident that led to the compromise of a database. VUMC runs seven hospitals and multiple healthcare facilities across Nashville, Tennessee - serving more than three million patients each year. The organization is one of the largest employers in the state with 40,000 employees and has
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-24 14:29:00 Potentiellement des centaines de cabinets d'avocats britanniques touchés par la cyberattaque sur le fournisseur informatique CTS
Potentially hundreds of UK law firms affected by cyberattack on IT provider CTS
(lien direct)
CTS, un fournisseur de services géré (MSP) pour les cabinets d'avocats au Royaume-Uni, «enquête d'urgence» d'une cyberattaque qui a perturbé ses services - laissant potentiellement des centaines de cabinets d'avocats britanniques incapables d'accéder à leurs systèmes de gestion de cas.Le société a annoncé vendredi qu'il «subissait une panne de service qui a eu un impact sur une partiede
CTS, a managed service provider (MSP) for law firms in the United Kingdom, is “urgently investigating” a cyberattack that has disrupted its services - potentially leaving hundreds of British law firms unable to access their case management systems. The company announced Friday that it was “experiencing a service outage which has impacted a portion of
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-24 13:27:00 Le chien de garde de la vie privée du Canada enquêtant sur le piratage affectant le personnel militaire et de la GRC
Canada\\'s privacy watchdog investigating hack affecting military and RCMP personnel
(lien direct)
Le commissaire au Canada en matière de vie privée enquête sur une cyberattaque qui a compromis les données sur les forces armées du pays et des anciens membres du pays et de la police montée au Canada royale (GRC).Deux sociétés affiliées, Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) et Sirva Canada LP, ont informé le gouvernement canadien de la violation en octobre.Les entreprises ont été contractées
The Privacy Commissioner of Canada is investigating a cyberattack that compromised data on current and former members of the country\'s armed forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Two affiliated companies, Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) and Sirva Canada LP, informed the Canadian government of the breach in October. The companies have been contracted
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-24 12:59:00 Les attaques de la chaîne d'approvisionnement nord-coréennes ont un avertissement conjoint prompt de Séoul et de Londres
North Korean supply chain attacks prompt joint warning from Seoul and London
(lien direct)
Le Royaume-Uni et la Corée du Sud ont publié un Advisory conjoint AVERTISSEAttaques en chaîne des pirates nord-coréens (DPRC) liés à l'État.L'avis a été publié jeudi alors que les nations \\ '' deux gouvernements ont annoncé un Nouveau partenariat stratégique de cyber , s'engageant à travailler ensemble« pour perturber et dissuader les cyber-capacités et activités malveillantes de la RPDC qui contribuent à
The United Kingdom and South Korea issued a joint advisory warning about software supply chain attacks from North Korean (DPRK) state-linked hackers. The advisory was published Thursday as the nations\' two governments announced a new strategic cyber partnership, pledging to work together “to disrupt and deter DPRK malicious cyber capabilities and activities that contribute to
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-23 16:30:00 Cour suprême du Kansas: les pirates ont volé des dossiers, des dossiers confidentiels en octobre attaque
Kansas Supreme Court: Hackers stole records, confidential files in October attack
(lien direct)
La Cour suprême du Kansas a déclaré que la récupération d'un Attaque du ransomware d'octobre prendra beaucoup plus de temps, avertissant que l'onLes pirates menacent de divulguer les données qu'ils ont volées sur le Web Dark si les demandes ne sont pas satisfaites.Dans une déclaration cette semaine, la juge en chef de la Cour suprême du Kansas, Marla Luckert, et plusieurs autres juges
The Supreme Court of Kansas said the recovery from an October ransomware attack will take significantly more time, warning that the hackers are threatening to leak the data they stole to the dark web if demands are not met. In a statement this week, Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Marla Luckert and several other justices
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-22 22:00:00 L'attaque nord-coréenne contre le cyberlink a eu un impact sur les appareils du monde entier, dit Microsoft
North Korean attack on CyberLink impacted devices around the world, Microsoft says
(lien direct)
Microsoft a découvert une attaque en chaîne d'approvisionnement par des pirates nord-coréens qui ont joint un fichier malveillant à un programme d'installation de l'application de modification photo et vidéo légitime.Dans un blog Mercredi, Microsoft Threat Intelligence a déclaré qu'il attribuait l'activité à un groupe qu'il appelle Diamond Sleet - un groupe de piratage au sein du gouvernement nord-coréen que
Microsoft has uncovered a supply chain attack by North Korean hackers who attached a malicious file to a legitimate photo and video editing application installer. In a blog on Wednesday, Microsoft Threat Intelligence said it attributed the activity to a group it calls Diamond Sleet - a hacking group within the North Korean government that
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-22 20:30:00 Les agences fédérales enquêtant sur la violation des données au laboratoire de recherche nucléaire
Federal agencies investigating data breach at nuclear research lab
(lien direct)
Un éminent laboratoire de recherche nucléaire au sein du Département américain de l'Énergie continue d'étudier une violation de données après qu'un groupe hacktiviste a déclaré qu'il avait infiltré les systèmes de l'organisation et les captures d'écran partagées prouvant leur accès.L'Idaho National Laboratory, qui mène des recherches révolutionnaires sur les réacteurs nucléaires, compte plus de 5 700 employés et est basé près de l'Idaho Falls.
A prominent nuclear research lab within the U.S. Department of Energy is continuing to investigate a data breach after a hacktivist group said it infiltrated the organization\'s systems and shared screenshots proving their access. Idaho National Laboratory, which conducts groundbreaking research into nuclear reactors, has more than 5,700 employees and is based near Idaho Falls.
Data Breach ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-22 19:45:00 Les cyberattaques ont divulgué des données de 27 000 membres de l'association de New York
Cyberattackers leaked data of 27,000 NYC Bar Association members
(lien direct)
La New York City Bar Association a confirmé que les données de plus de 27 000 membres et employés avaient été divulguées lors d'une cyberattaque il y a près d'un an.Dans les dépôts auprès des régulateurs dans MAINE et Vermont , l'organisation a déclaré qu'une enquête terminée le 18 octobre a confirmé que les pirates avaient fait irruption dans ses systèmes et avaient accès à
The New York City Bar Association confirmed that the data of more than 27,000 members and employees was leaked during a cyberattack nearly a year ago. In filings with regulators in Maine and Vermont, the organization said an investigation completed on October 18 confirmed that hackers broke into its systems and had access to internal
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-22 19:15:00 Le rapport prétend révéler l'identité du leader hacktiviste russe
Report claims to reveal identity of Russian hacktivist leader
(lien direct)
Le groupe de hacktiviste pro-Russia Killnet est sous le contrôle accru cette semaine après qu'un site Web d'actualité ait semblé révéler l'identité de son leader.Connu en ligne sous le nom de Killmilk, il est devenu célèbre pendant la guerre de la Russie en Ukraine pour avoir représenté un collectif de pirates à motivation politique.Il est en fait un citoyen russe de 30 ans nommé Nikolai Serafimov, selon un
The pro-Russia hacktivist group Killnet is under increased scrutiny this week after a news website appeared to reveal the identity of its leader. Known online as Killmilk, he became famous during Russia\'s war in Ukraine for representing a collective of politically motivated hackers. He\'s actually a 30-year-old Russian citizen named Nikolai Serafimov, according to a
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-22 17:30:00 Des civils serbes ciblés avec Pegasus la veille des élections nationales
Serbian civilians targeted with Pegasus on eve of national elections
(lien direct)
Deux Serbes ont été les cibles d'échecs d'attaques de logiciels espions en août, selon un rapport publié mardi par une organisation de liberté numérique basée à Belgrade.Apple a alerté les victimes qu'ils étaient des cibles potentielles des «attaques techniques» parrainées par l'État le 30 octobre, La Fondation Share a dit .Les victimes ont ensuite approché des organisations de la société civile en Serbie, ainsi que la part
Two Serbians were the targets of failed spyware attacks in August, according to a report released Tuesday by a Belgrade-based digital freedom organization. Apple alerted the victims they were potential targets of state-sponsored “technical attacks” on October 30, the SHARE Foundation said. The victims then approached civil society organizations in Serbia, along with the SHARE
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-22 14:36:00 L'Australie abandonne les plans pour interdire les paiements des ransomwares dans la nouvelle cyber-stratégie nationale
Australia drops plans to ban ransomware payments in new national cyber strategy
(lien direct)
Le gouvernement de l'Australie a abandonné les plans visant à interdire aux entreprises de effectuer des paiements de ransomwares dans le cadre de sa refonte National Cybersecurity Strategy publié mercredi, choisissant plutôt d'introduire une obligation de rapport obligatoire.La stratégie - publiée près d'un an après l'idée de criminaliser les paiements était vantée par Clare o \\ 'neil , le ministre des Affaires intérieures et de la cybersécurité
Australia\'s government dropped plans to ban businesses from making ransomware payments as part of its revamped national cybersecurity strategy released on Wednesday, opting instead to introduce a mandatory reporting obligation. The strategy - published almost a year after the idea of criminalizing payments was touted by Clare O\'Neil, the minister for home affairs and cybersecurity
Ransomware ★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-22 12:30:00 L'offensive rebelle au Myanmar vise l'industrie de l'escroquerie en ligne
Rebel offensive in Myanmar takes aim at online scam industry
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Un groupe rebelle dans le nord du Myanmar se prépare à assiéger à la ville de Laukkaing - une plaque tournante de l'industrie de la cyber-scamming du pays qui a suscité des critiques de Pékin.Lorsque la Three Brotherhood Alliance, une coalition de trois milices ethniques opposées à la Junta du Myanmar, a annoncé leur offensive à la fin du mois dernier, ils ont choisi
A rebel group in northern Myanmar is preparing to lay siege to the city of Laukkaing - a hub of the country\'s flourishing cyber-scamming industry that has drawn criticism from Beijing. When the Three Brotherhood Alliance, a coalition of three ethnic militias opposed to the Myanmar junta, announced their offensive late last month, they singled
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-21 22:15:00 Binance accepte de payer 4,3 milliards de dollars pour des violations de blanchiment d'argent, le PDG déménage
Binance agrees to pay $4.3 billion for money laundering violations, CEO steps down
(lien direct)
Binance, le plus grand échange de crypto-monnaie au monde, a accepté de payer plus de 4 milliards de dollars de règlements avec plusieurs organismes américains d'application de la loi après des années d'enquêtes découvert Utilisation criminelle généralisée de la plate-forme.En plus de la colonie, le PDG de Binance Changpeng Zhao a prêté Coupable à plusieurs accusations devant le tribunal fédéral de Seattle mardi.
Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, agreed to pay more than $4 billion in settlements with several U.S. law enforcement agencies after years of investigations uncovered widespread criminal use of the platform. In addition to the settlement, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao pled guilty to several charges in federal court in Seattle on Tuesday.
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-21 19:30:00 Les pirates créent de fausses applications bancaires pour voler les données financières des utilisateurs indiens
Hackers create fake banking apps to steal financial data from Indian users
(lien direct)
Les chercheurs ont découvert une campagne en cours de vol d'information ciblant les clients des banques indiennes avec des logiciels malveillants mobiles.Les cybercriminels derrière la campagne induisent des utilisateurs pour installer des applications bancaires frauduleuses sur leurs appareils en usurpant l'identité d'organisations légitimes, telles que les institutions financières, les services gouvernementaux et les services publics.Une fois installés, ces applications exfiltraient divers types de données sensibles des utilisateurs, y compris
Researchers have uncovered an ongoing information-stealing campaign targeting customers of Indian banks with mobile malware. The cybercriminals behind the campaign trick users into installing fraudulent banking apps on their devices by impersonating legitimate organizations, such as financial institutions, government services, and utilities. Once installed, these apps exfiltrate various types of sensitive data from users, including
Malware ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-21 19:15:00 \\ 'Citrix Bleed \\' Vulnérabilité ciblée par les pirates de natation et les pirates criminels: CISA
\\'Citrix Bleed\\' vulnerability targeted by nation-state and criminal hackers: CISA
(lien direct)
Les pirates d'État-nation et les gangs de cybercrimins exploitent une vulnérabilité affectant les produits Citrix, ont averti mardi des cyber-responsables fédéraux.Le \\ 'citrix saigne \' bug a provoqué une alarme pendant des semaines comme Les experts de la sécurité de la sécurité ont averti que de nombreuses agences gouvernementales et grandes entreprises laissaient leurs appareils exposés à Internet - s'ouvrant aux attaques.La cybersécurité
Both nation-state hackers and cybercriminal gangs are exploiting a vulnerability affecting Citrix products, federal cyber officials warned on Tuesday. The \'Citrix Bleed\' bug has caused alarm for weeks as cybersecurity experts warned that many government agencies and major companies were leaving their appliances exposed to the internet - opening themselves up to attacks. The Cybersecurity
Vulnerability ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-21 19:00:00 La Marine dévoile sa première cyber stratégie
Navy unveils its first cyber strategy
(lien direct)
La marine américaine a publié mardi son Cyber Stratégie tant attendue , car le service essaie de réorganiser ses efforts dans le domaine numérique après des années de personnel et de problèmes de préparation.La stratégie est une version plus détaillée du deux pages de la Navy Cyberspace Supeority Vision qui a été publié l'année dernière.Le document devait être dévoilé
The U.S. Navy on Tuesday released its long-awaited cyber strategy, as the service tries to revamp its efforts in the digital domain after years of personnel and readiness issues. The strategy is a more detailed version of the two-page Navy Cyberspace Superiority Vision that was released last year. The document was expected to be unveiled
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-21 15:00:00 La société cryptographique Kronos Research dit 26 millions de dollars volés après cyberattaque
Crypto firm Kronos Research says $26 million stolen after cyberattack
(lien direct)
La société de trading et d'investissement des crypto-monnaies, Kronos Research, a déclaré que 26 millions de dollars de crypto-monnaie avaient été volés à ses systèmes à la suite d'une cyberattaque.L'entreprise a déclaré samedi qu'elle a connu un «accès non autorisé» à certaines de ses applications d'interface de programmation (API), forçant l'informatique »Pour faire une pause et commencer une enquête.Dimanche, la société a confirmé que
Cryptocurrency trading and investment firm Kronos Research said $26 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from its systems following a cyberattack. The company said on Saturday that it experienced “unauthorized access” to some of its application programming interface (API) keys, forcing it to pause trading and begin an investigation. By Sunday, the company confirmed that
Data Breach ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-21 13:55:00 Le régulateur britannique exige que les sites Web permettent aux utilisateurs \\ 'rejeter tous les cookies \\'
UK regulator demands websites let users \\'Reject All\\' cookies
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Le régulateur de protection des données de la Grande-Bretagne a averti certains des sites Web les plus visités du pays selon lesquels ils risquent d'être condamnés à une amende à moins qu'ils ne cessent de contraindre les visiteurs à accepter des cookies publicitaires.Le bureau du commissaire à l'information (ICO) a annoncé mardi que les meilleurs sites Web du Royaume-Uni avaient 30 jours pour se conformer aux lois sur la confidentialité du pays ou elles
Britain\'s data protection regulator has warned some of the country\'s most visited websites that they risk being fined unless they stop coercing visitors into accepting advertising cookies. The Information Commissioner\'s Office (ICO) announced on Tuesday that the top websites in the United Kingdom had 30 days to comply with the country\'s privacy laws or they
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-20 22:30:00 Agence des eaux usées du Grand Paris traitant de la cyberattaque
Greater Paris wastewater agency dealing with cyberattack
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L'organisation qui gère les eaux usées pour neuf millions de personnes dans et autour de Paris a été frappée par une cyberattaque vendredi.Service Public de L \\ 'Assainement Francilien & # 8211;Connu par son acronyme SIAAP - gère près de 275 miles de tuyaux dans quatre départements français.L'organisation a déclaré vendredi le judiciaire
The organization that manages wastewater for nine million people in and around Paris was hit with a cyberattack on Friday. Service public de l\'assainissement francilien – known by its acronym SIAAP - manages nearly 275 miles of pipes throughout four French departments. The organization said on Friday that it filed a complaint with the judicial
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-20 21:00:00 Informations personnelles des forces armées canadiennes, la GRC a volé en cyberattaque
Personal info of Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP stolen in cyberattack
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Les données de certains employés du gouvernement canadien - y compris les membres actuels et anciens des forces armées canadiennes et du personnel de police monté royal canadien - ont été divulguées lors d'une cyberattaque sur les systèmes d'un entrepreneur gouvernemental utilisé pour les services de relocalisation.En octobre, le Gang de ransomware Lockbit a affirmé qu'il avait attaqué Sirva , une entreprise mondiale qui
The data of some Canadian government employees - including current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police personnel - was leaked during a cyberattack on the systems of a government contractor used for relocation services. In October, the LockBit ransomware gang claimed it attacked SIRVA, a global company that
Ransomware ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-20 19:00:00 La bibliothèque britannique dit que les pirates de ransomware ont volé des données dans les fichiers RH
British Library says ransomware hackers stole data from HR files
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La bibliothèque britannique - l'une des plus grandes bibliothèques du monde et la Bibliothèque nationale du Royaume-Uni - a déclaré que le gang de ransomware derrière une récente attaque contre ses systèmes semblait divulguer des données volées à ses fichiers de ressources humaines.Pendant près d'un mois, la bibliothèque a été confrontée à un gamme de problèmes technologiques
The British Library - one of the largest libraries in the world and the national library of the United Kingdom - said the ransomware gang behind a recent attack on its systems appeared to leak data stolen from its human resources files. For nearly a month, the library has faced a range of technological issues
Ransomware ★★★
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-20 18:30:00 Près de 9 millions de patients \\ 'Records compromis en violation de données
Nearly 9 million patients\\' records compromised in data breach
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Une cyberattaque dans une entreprise de transcription médicale a compromis les données de santé très sensibles appartenant à près de quatre millions de patients chez Northwell Health, le plus grand fournisseur de soins de santé de Northwell Santé de New York.La brèche a également eu un impact sur un système de santé dans l'Illinois, Cook County Health, qui a révélé que 1,2 million de ses patients ont été touchés .Environ quatre millions
A cyberattack on a medical transcription company compromised highly sensitive health data belonging to nearly four million patients at Northwell Health, New York State\'s largest healthcare provider and private employer. The breach also impacted a healthcare system in Illinois, Cook County Health, which disclosed that 1.2 million of its patients were affected. About four million
Data Breach Medical ★★
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