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Hello again to another weekly security roundup. This week, I have a slightly different spin on the roundup in that the net has been slightly widened to include broader technology topics from more than just this last week. However, all of the articles were written by ladies. With that, let’s dive straight in.

A beginner's guide to test automation

If you’re new to automated testing, you’re probably starting off with a lot of questions: How do I know which tests to automate? Why is automated testing useful for me and my team? How do I choose a tool or framework? The options for automated testing are wide open, and you may feel overwhelmed.

If so, this is a great article on how to get started.

All roads lead to exploratory testing

When I’m faced with something to test – be it a feature in a software application or a collection of features in a release, my general preference is weighted strongly towards exploratory testing. When someone who doesn’t know a great deal about testing wants me or my team to do testing for them, I would love to educate them on why exploratory testing could be a strong part of the test strategy.

While on the topic of testing

Single-page, server-side, static… say what?

An emoji-filled learning journey about the trade-offs of different website architectures, complete with gifs, diagrams, and demo apps.

If you’ve been hanging around the internet, trying to build websites and apps, you may have heard some words in conversation like static site or server-side rendered (SSR) or single-page app (SPA).

But what do all of these words mean? How does each type of application architecture differ? What are the tradeoffs of each approach and which one should you use when building your website?

If, like me you enjoyed this post by Marie, check out some of her other posts which are great. Quick plug to Protocol-andia: Welcome to the Networking Neighborhood. A whimsical introduction to how computers talk to each other, and what exactly your requests are up to.

Strengthen your security posture: start with a cybersecurity framework

The 2017 Equifax data breach is expected to break all previous records for data breach costs, with Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Ponemon Institute, estimating the final cost to be more than $600 million.

Even non-enterprise-level organizations suffer severe consequences for data breaches. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, mid-market companies pay more than $1 million in post-attack mitigation, and the average cost of a data breach to an SMB is $117,000 per incident. While estimates vary, approximately 60% of businesses who suffer a breach are forced to shut down business within 6 months.

It is mor

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