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Titre Things I Hearted This Week, 11th Jan 2019

And we’re back into the swing of things with a proper first week on the books and plenty to talk about as to the weird and wonderful goings on in the world of security, technology and beyond.

International Security of Mystery

Joe Gray hasn’t really flown outside of the US other than Canada, so when presented with an opportunity to speak at conferences in Switzerland and Paris, he went about trying to find what a security professional should do when travelling internationally.

Lesley Carhart’s blog which is referenced in Joe’s article probably has one of the most comprehensive posts on the topic

Mondelez Sues Zurich in Rest for Cyber Hack Insurance

And so it begins…

Mondelez, the US food company that owns the Oreo and Cadbury brands, is suing its insurance company, Zurich, for refusing to pay out on a $100m claim for damage caused by the NotPetya cyber attack.

2019 - The Year of Cloud-Based Cybersecurity

Yes, it’s a prediction piece, but a rather specific one talking about how we’re seeing a rise in cloud-based security analytics and operations.

The Cyber-Attack That Sent an Alaskan Community Back in Time

They still don’t know where it c

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