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securityintelligence.png 2023-11-29 14:00:00 What cybersecurity pros can learn from first responders (lien direct) >Though they may initially seem very different, there are some compelling similarities between cybersecurity professionals and traditional first responders like police and EMTs. After all, in a world where a cyberattack on critical infrastructure could cause untold damage and harm, cyber responders must be ready for anything. But are they actually prepared? Compared to the […] ★★★
SocRadar.webp 2023-11-29 13:51:17 CISA Issues ICS Advisories on Mitsubishi, Delta, Franklin Electric, BD & Unitronics PLCs\' Active Exploitation (lien direct) The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has recently issued four new advisories for... Vulnerability Industrial ★★★
TEAM_CYMRU_Blog.png 2023-11-29 13:46:07 Risk Modeling and Real-Time Intelligence - Part 1 (lien direct) Leverage DPRM Solutions in Cyber Risk Models for Better Business Outcome Risk models and frameworks span a wide range of essential topics... ★★★
SecurityWeek.png 2023-11-29 13:37:04 New BLUFFS Bluetooth Attack Methods Can Have Large-Scale Impact: Researcher (lien direct) >An academic researcher demonstrates BLUFFS, six novel attacks targeting Bluetooth sessions' forward and future secrecy. ★★
bleepingcomputer.png 2023-11-29 13:19:51 Black Basta ransomware made over $100 million from extortion (lien direct) Russia-linked ransomware gang Black Basta has raked in at least $100 million in ransom payments from more than 90 victims since it first surfaced in April 2022, according to joint research from Corvus Insurance and Elliptic. [...]
bleepingcomputer.png 2023-11-29 13:07:18 Hackers breach US water facility via exposed Unitronics PLCs (lien direct) CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) is warning that threat actors breached a U.S. water facility by hacking into Unitronics programmable logic controllers (PLCs) exposed online. [...]
Detection_Engineering.png 2023-11-29 13:01:45 Det. Eng. Weekly #49 - There Is No Cow Level (lien direct) Imagine a botnet of cows.. IMAGINE Technical ★★★
SecurityWeek.png 2023-11-29 12:52:45 CISA Warns of Unitronics PLC Exploitation Following Water Utility Hack (lien direct) >After hackers compromised ICS at a US water utility, CISA issued a warning over the exploitation of the targeted Unitronics PLC. ★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 12:40:09 Jeux P2E, escroqueries aux œuvres de bienfaisance et deepfakes vocaux : ce que 2024 réserve au grand public (lien direct) Dans le cadre du Kaspersky Security Bulletin (KSB), les experts en cybersécurité de la société présentent leurs prévisions détaillées pour l'année 2024, portant aujourd'hui sur les menaces auxquelles les consommateurs pourraient être confrontés au cours de l'année à venir. Les prévisions pour 2024 font état d'un large éventail de défis, où les cybercriminels vont de plus en plus tirer profit des sujets tendances et des outils fournis par les technologies de pointe. Augmentation des escroqueries aux œuvres de (...) - Malwares ★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 12:37:15 4ème Trophée Européen de la Femme Cyber du CEFCYS : les noms des grandes finalistes de l\'édition 2023 sont dévoilés ! (lien direct) Le jury de la 4ème édition, présidé par Madame Fadila Leturcq, Cheffe de pôle Campus du numérique public, service du premier ministre, a choisi les finalistes qui pourront remporter l'un des 17 Trophées. Les Trophées 2023 sont sous le haut marrainage de Madame Marta de Cidrac, Sénatrice des Yvelines et Madame Elisabeth Moreno, Présidente de LEIA Partners, Présidente de la Fondation Femmes@numérique et Ancienne Ministre du Gouvernement français 2020-2022. La grande soirée de remise des Trophées (...) - Business ★★
News.png 2023-11-29 12:30:12 British Library begins contacting customers as Rhysida leaks data dump (lien direct) CRM databases were accessed and library users are advised to change passwords The Rhysida ransomware group has published most of the data it claimed to have stolen from the British Library a month after the attack was disclosed.… ★★
Pirate.png 2023-11-29 12:13:12 Hackers vs Hacktivistes (lien direct) >Récemment, la Direction Interministérielle du Numérique (DINUM) a lancé un programme de bug bounty visant à rémunérer les hackers qui arriveraient à identifier des vulnérabilités sur France Connect, la plateforme mise en place par le gouvernement pour faciliter la connexion aux services publics et démarches en ligne. Un exercice loin d'être rare pour des hackers […] The post Hackers vs Hacktivistes first appeared on UnderNews. ★★★
Chercheur.png 2023-11-29 12:09:48 Breaking Laptop Fingerprint Sensors (lien direct) They’re not that good: Security researchers Jesse D’Aguanno and Timo Teräs write that, with varying degrees of reverse-engineering and using some external hardware, they were able to fool the Goodix fingerprint sensor in a Dell Inspiron 15, the Synaptic sensor in a Lenovo ThinkPad T14, and the ELAN sensor in one of Microsoft’s own Surface Pro Type Covers. These are just three laptop models from the wide universe of PCs, but one of these three companies usually does make the fingerprint sensor in every laptop we’ve reviewed in the last few years. It’s likely that most Windows PCs with fingerprint readers will be vulnerable to similar exploits... ★★
AlienVault.png 2023-11-29 12:00:00 Get the AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report: Focus on Transportation (lien direct) We’re pleased to announce the availability of the 2023 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report: Focus on Transportation. The report examines the edge ecosystem, surveying transportation IT leaders from around the world, and provides benchmarks for assessing your edge computing plans. This is the 12th edition of our vendor-neutral and forward-looking report. Last year’s focus on transportation report documented how we secure the data, applications, and endpoints that rely on edge computing (get the 2022 report). Get the complimentary 2023 report.  The robust quantitative field survey reached 1,418 security, IT, application development, and line of business professionals worldwide. The qualitative research tapped subject matter experts across the cybersecurity industry. Transportation-specific respondents equal 202. At the onset of our research, we established the following hypotheses. Momentum edge computing has in the market. Approaches to connecting and securing the edge ecosystem – including the role of trusted advisors to achieve edge goals. Perceived risk and perceived benefit of the common use cases in each industry surveyed. The results focus on common edge use cases in seven vertical industries – healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, energy and utilities, transportation, and U.S. SLED- delivering actionable advice for securing and connecting an edge ecosystem, including external trusted advisors. Finally, it examines cybersecurity and the broader edge ecosystem of networking, service providers, and top use cases. The role of IT is shifting, embracing stakeholders at the ideation phase of development. Edge computing is a transformative technology that brings together various stakeholders and aligns their interests to drive integrated business outcomes. The emergence of edge computing has been fueled by a generation of visionaries who grew up in the era of smartphones and limitless possibilities. Look at the infographic below for a topline summary of key findings in the transportation industry. In this paradigm, the role of IT has shifted from being the sole leader to a collaborative partner in delivering innovative edge computing solutions. In addition, we found that transportation leaders are budgeting differently for edge use cases. These two things, along with an expanded approach to securing edge computing, were prioritized by our respondents in the 2023 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report: Edge Ecosystem. One of the most promising aspects of edge computing is its potential to effectively use near-real-time data for tighter control of variable operations such as inventory and supply chain management that deliver improved operational efficiency. Adding new endpoints is essential for collecting the data, but how they’re connected can make them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Successful cyberattacks can disrupt services, highlighting the need for robust cybersecurity measures. Edge computing brings the data closer to where decisions are made. With edge computing, the intelligence required to make decisions, the networks used to capture and transmit data, and the use case management are distributed. Distributed means things work faster because nothing is backhauled to a central processing area such as a data center and delivers the near-real-time experience. With this level of complexity, it’s common to re-evaluate decisions regarding security, data storage, or networking. The report shares emerging trends as transportation continues exploring edge computing use cases. One area that’s exam ★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 11:54:04 Government departments dismissing cyber insurance despite breaches in their thousands (lien direct) Government departments dismissing cyber insurance despite breaches in their thousands No prospect of adopting cyber insurance policies in the future - Special Reports ★★★
The_Hackers_News.png 2023-11-29 11:48:00 Okta Discloses Broader Impact Linked to October 2023 Support System Breach (lien direct) Identity services provider Okta has disclosed that it detected "additional threat actor activity" in connection with the October 2023 breach of its support case management system. "The threat actor downloaded the names and email addresses of all Okta customer support system users," the company said in a statement shared with The Hacker News. "All Okta Workforce Identity Cloud (WIC) and Customer ★★★
The_Hackers_News.png 2023-11-29 11:25:00 DJVU Ransomware\'s Latest Variant \'Xaro\' Disguised as Cracked Software (lien direct) A variant of a ransomware strain known as DJVU has been observed to be distributed in the form of cracked software. "While this attack pattern is not new, incidents involving a DJVU variant that appends the .xaro extension to affected files and demanding ransom for a decryptor have been observed infecting systems alongside a host of various commodity loaders and infostealers," Cybereason ★★★
zataz.png 2023-11-29 11:19:08 Piratage de l\'un des leaders de l\'hébergement touristique (lien direct) Le monde du tourisme français connaît un nouveau piratage qui risque de mettre à mal des centaines de données sensibles de français.... ★★
News.png 2023-11-29 11:01:08 UK government rings the death knell for SIM farms (lien direct) Acts under the guise of protecting the public from fraud, yet history suggests Home Office has other motives The UK government plans to introduce new legislation to ban SIM farms, which it views as a widely abused means for carrying out cyber fraud.… ★★★
datasecuritybreach.png 2023-11-29 10:51:13 les groupes militants soutenus par l\'Iran passent du bitcoin au tron pour financer leurs activités. (lien direct) Les groupes militants, notamment ceux soutenus par l'Iran, sont en train de changer leurs méthodes de financement, passant du Bitcoin au Tron, une plateforme de blockchain plus rapide et moins coûteuse. ★★★
zataz.png 2023-11-29 10:39:19 les répercussions inattendues du soutien financier de l\'UE à l\'Ukraine : une augmentation des activités cybercriminelles (lien direct) L'aide financière apportée par l'Union européenne à l'Ukraine, bien que destinée à soutenir ce pays dans ses difficultés, semble avoir des conséquences inattendues. D'après le du ministère russe des Affaires étrangères, cette aide contribuerait involontairement à alimenter diverses activités fraudul... ★★
The_Hackers_News.png 2023-11-29 10:37:00 GoTitan Botnet Spotted Exploiting Recent Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability (lien direct) The recently disclosed critical security flaw impacting Apache ActiveMQ is being actively exploited by threat actors to distribute a new Go-based botnet called GoTitan as well as a .NET program known as PrCtrl Rat that's capable of remotely commandeering the infected hosts. The attacks involve the exploitation of a remote code execution bug (CVE-2023-46604, CVSS score: 10.0) that has been Vulnerability ★★
InfoSecurityMag.png 2023-11-29 10:30:00 A Fifth of UK SMBs Can\'t Spot Scams (lien direct) Many are failing UK Finance's new fraud quiz ★★★
Blog.png 2023-11-29 10:20:42 OwnCloud “graphapi” App Vulnerability Exposes Sensitive Data (lien direct) By Deeba Ahmed The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2023-49103 and declared critical with a CVSS v3 Base Score 10. This is a post from HackRead.com Read the original post: OwnCloud “graphapi” App Vulnerability Exposes Sensitive Data ★★
silicon.fr.png 2023-11-29 10:17:37 Anticiper l\'intégration de l\'IA en entreprise : un virage stratégique et éthique (lien direct) L'éducation des utilisateurs, la mise en place de gouvernances dédiées, ainsi que l'attention soutenue aux implications éthiques de l'IA sont les piliers d'une intégration réussie. ★★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 10:17:07 Transmit Security integrates new AI capabilities into Customer Identity Security platform (lien direct) Transmit Security integrates new AI capabilities into Customer Identity Security platform - Product Reviews ★★
zataz.png 2023-11-29 10:15:41 Lutte contre la pédopornographie : nouvelles arrestations (lien direct) Vaste opération de lutte contre la pédopornographie en Europe : plus de 30 arrestations et découverte de 200 000 fichiers illicites... ★★★
InfoSecurityMag.png 2023-11-29 10:00:00 Hackers Exploit Critical Vulnerability in ownCloud (lien direct) Zero-day bug could allow remote control of servers ★★★
The_Hackers_News.png 2023-11-29 09:57:00 Zero-Day Alert: Google Chrome Under Active Attack, Exploiting New Vulnerability (lien direct) Google has rolled out security updates to fix seven security issues in its Chrome browser, including a zero-day that has come under active exploitation in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2023-6345, the high-severity vulnerability has been described as an integer overflow bug in Skia, an open source 2D graphics library. Benoît Sevens and Clément Lecigne of Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) have been Vulnerability ★★
silicon.fr.png 2023-11-29 09:56:05 AWS et Nvidia renforcent leur collaboration sur la GenAI (lien direct) Lors de sa conférence [AWS re:Invent] à Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services (AWS) a fait une série d'annonces sur sa collaboration avec Nvidia dans le domaine de l'IA générative. ★★
zataz.png 2023-11-29 09:51:04 KO définitif pour LockerGoga (lien direct) De nouvelles arrestations orchestrées par une équipe d'enquête internationale dans la lutte contre le cybercrime, notamment en Ukraine. Ces efforts font suite à l'opération réussie contre les attaques du rançongiciel Lockergoga en 2021, qui avait mené à 12 interpellations.... ★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 09:31:12 CyberSecura formalisiert seine Partnerschaft mit Serenys Assurances, einem Versicherungsmaklerunternehmen für Cyberrisiken (lien direct) CyberSecura formalisiert seine Partnerschaft mit Serenys Assurances, einem Versicherungsmaklerunternehmen für Cyberrisiken Serenys Assurances, ein Versicherungsmakler, wird CyberSecura-Kunden dabei helfen können, den von ihrer Cyber-Versicherungspolice gebotenen Schutz zu definieren, und ihnen gleichzeitig exklusive Rabatte anbieten. - Business
InfoSecurityMag.png 2023-11-29 09:30:00 Google Fixes Sixth Chrome Zero-Day Bug of the Year (lien direct) Critical vulnerability is being exploited in the wild ★★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 09:29:32 CyberSecura formalises its partnership with Serenys Assurances, an insurance brokerage firm covering cyber risks (lien direct) CyberSecura formalises its partnership with Serenys Assurances, an insurance brokerage firm covering cyber risks Serenys Assurances, an insurance broker, will be able to help CyberSecura customers define the cover provided by their cyber insurance policy, while offering them exclusive discounts. - Business News ★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 08:48:01 Sophos Anticipates AI-Based Attack Techniques and Prepares Detections (lien direct) Sophos Anticipates AI-Based Attack Techniques and Prepares Detections At the Moment, Adversaries are Skeptical of AI for Cybercrime, According to Sophos Research - Special Reports ★★★
bleepingcomputer.png 2023-11-29 08:25:26 Okta: October data breach affects all customer support system users (lien direct) Okta's investigation into the breach of its Help Center environment last month revealed that the hackers obtained data belonging to all customer support system users. [...] ★★
Korben.png 2023-11-29 08:15:46 Filmora 13, le logiciel de montage vidéo assisté par IA, sort sa nouvelle version (lien direct) — Article en partenariat avec Wondershare — Vous vous souvenez de mon article de présentation du logiciel de montage vidéo Filmora 12 il y a 5 mois ? Et bien comme c’est le cas pour de nombreux outils utilisant l’intelligence artificielle, les choses avancent vite. Parfois très très vite. Du coup, Filmora 13 est déjà … Suite ★★
globalsecuritymag.png 2023-11-29 08:05:35 Trend Micro Incorporated annonce Trend Vision One™ (lien direct) Gestion des risques cyber La plateforme unique de Trend Micro maîtrise l'ensemble de la surface d'attaque des organisations on-premise et dans le Cloud Trend Micro dote sa plateforme Trend Vision One™ de fonctionnalités avancées pour faciliter la gestion de la cybersécurité des environnements cloud. Grâce à elles, les équipes de sécurité ont désormais la capacité d'éliminer les menaces de manière proactive grâce à une nouvelle hiérarchisation automatisée des risques. #Cloud #Cybersecurité #VisionOne - Produits ★★
Korben.png 2023-11-29 08:00:00 Découvrez Gerry, l\'enregistreur d\'écran open-source pour Mac (lien direct) Gerry est un enregistreur d'écran open-source pour Mac, simple d'utilisation et écrit en Swift, offrant des fonctionnalités comme le recadrage, l'exportation en GIF et MP4, et la personnalisation de la résolution. Il s'adresse aux passionnés de jeux vidéo et aux professionnels souhaitant créer des tutoriels. L'application est sous licence MIT, donc gratuite et adaptable. ★★★
Netskope.png 2023-11-29 07:00:00 Zero Trust and (Why It Isn\'t Always About) Identity (lien direct) What is the relationship between zero trust and user identity? There's no doubt that identity is a fundamental component of an effective zero trust approach, but there is also a danger that organisations become so overly focused on this one element, they forget there are others. To believe that achieving zero trust is all about […]
News.png 2023-11-29 06:57:14 Japan\'s space agency suffers cyber attack, points finger at Active Directory (lien direct) JAXA is having a tough time in cyberspace and outer space, the latter thanks to an electrical glitch Japan's Space Exploration Agency (JAXA) has reported a cyber incident.… ★★★
Blog.png 2023-11-29 06:51:24 Hamas-Linked Group Revives SysJoker Malware, Leverages OneDrive (lien direct) >By Waqas Hamas launches a new variant of Rust-based, multi-platform backdoor sysJoker against targets in Israel. This is a post from HackRead.com Read the original post: Hamas-Linked Group Revives SysJoker Malware, Leverages OneDrive ★★
ComputerWeekly.png 2023-11-29 05:45:00 Scope of Okta helpdesk breach widens to impact all users (lien direct) >By Waqas Hamas launches a new variant of Rust-based, multi-platform backdoor sysJoker against targets in Israel. This is a post from HackRead.com Read the original post: Hamas-Linked Group Revives SysJoker Malware, Leverages OneDrive ★★
The_State_of_Security.png 2023-11-29 03:04:33 Holiday Shopping: Tips and Best Practices to Help you Stay Secure (lien direct) As we approach the holiday season, in addition to our busy work schedules, we need to plan for family visits, develop menus for special meals, and do a little shopping while the deals are good! It's a lot to keep track of. Just remember it's when you are distracted that you tend to put your digital security most at risk. Cybercriminals don't take holidays. In fact, cyberattacks surge during this time of the year; they actively use all the distractions surrounding the holidays to target individuals and businesses. Here are some tips on how to ensure you and your family are well protected this... ★★
The_State_of_Security.png 2023-11-29 03:04:30 Building Fortra as Your Cybersecurity Ally (lien direct) At our recent Energy and NERC Compliance Working Group, we took some time to share more about Fortra, the cybersecurity company that Tripwire is a part of. In case you missed it, Fortra is a rebranding of HelpSystems, an already established and trusted company that has acquired a few valuable cybersecurity companies along the way. One such company, Tripwire, is already a familiar name in the energy sector. These acquisitions elevate Fortra to a new level, not only expanding but also strengthening our product portfolio. Can Fortra be the right cybersecurity ally for your organization? Fortra is... ★★
CS.webp 2023-11-29 00:31:06 Pennsylvania water facility hit by Iran-linked hackers (lien direct) >An anti-Israel hacking group with links to Iran forced a water facility in Pennsylvania to go into manual operations. ★★★
Watchguard.ico 2023-11-29 00:00:00 Les prédictions cyber 2024 du Threat Lab WatchGuard (lien direct) Paris, le 29 novembre 2023 – WatchGuard® Technologies, l'un des leaders mondiaux de la cybersécurité unifiée publie ses prévisions pour 2024 en matière de cybersécurité. Le rapport couvre les attaques et les tendances en matière de sécurité de l'information qui, selon l'équipe de recherche du WatchGuard Threat Lab, émergeront en 2024, telles que : la manipulation des modèles linguistiques basés sur l'IA (les LLM ou Large Language Model qui ont donné naissance à des outils tels que ChatGPT ) ; les " Vishers " qui étendent leurs opérations malveillantes grâce aux chatbots vocaux basés sur l'IA ; les piratages de casques VR/MR modernes.    Corey Nachreiner, Chief Security Officer chez WatchGuard Technologies explique : " Chaque nouvelle tendance technologique ouvre de nouveaux vecteurs d'attaque pour les cybercriminels. En 2024, les menaces émergentes ciblant les entreprises et les particuliers seront encore plus intenses, complexes et difficiles à gérer. Face à la pénurie de profils qualifiés en cybersécurité, le besoin de fournisseurs de services managés (MSP), de sécurité unifiée et de plateformes automatisées pour renforcer la cybersécurité et protéger les entreprises contre un éventail de menaces en constante évolution n'a jamais été aussi grand ".    Voici un résumé des principales prévisions de l'équipe du WatchGuard Threat Lab en matière de cybersécurité pour 2024 : L'ingénierie de pointe permettra de manipuler les grands modèles de langages (LLM) : Les entreprises et les particuliers ont recours aux LLM pour améliorer leur efficacité opérationnelle. Or, les acteurs de la menace apprennent à exploiter les LLM à leurs propres fins malveillantes. En 2024, le WatchGuard Threat Lab prévoit qu'un ingénieur de requêtes avisé, qu'il s'agisse d'un attaquant criminel ou d'un chercheur, pourra déchiffrer le code et manipuler un LLM pour qu'il divulgue des données privées.  Les ventes d'outils d'hameçonnage ciblé basés sur l'IA vont exploser sur le dark web : Les cybercriminels peuvent d'ores et déjà acheter sur le marché noir des outils qui envoient des emails non sollicités, rédigent automatiquement des textes convaincants et épluchent Internet et les médias sociaux à la recherche d'informations et de connaissances relatives à une cible particulière. Toutefois, bon nombre de ces outils sont encore manuels et les attaquants doivent cibler un seul utilisateur ou groupe de personnes à la fois. Les tâches clairement formatées de ce type se prêtent parfaitement à l'automatisation par le biais de l'intelligence artificielle et de l'apprentissage automatique. Il est donc probable que les outils alimentés par l'IA deviendront des best-sellers sur le dark web en 2024.  L'hameçonnage vocal (vishing) basé sur l'IA aura le vent en poupe en 2024 : Bien que la voix sur IP (VoIP) et la technologie de l'automatisation facilitent la composition en masse de milliers de numéros, une fois qu'une victime potentielle se présente, un escroc humain est toujours nécessaire pour l'attirer dans ses filets. Ce système limite l'ampleur des opérations de vishing. Mais en 2024, la situation pourrait changer. WatchGuard prévoit que la combinaison de deepfake audio convaincants et de LLM capables de mener des conversations avec des victimes peu méfiantes augmentera considérablement l'ampleur et le volume des appels de vishing. Qui plus est, ces appels pourraient même ne p Prediction ★★★
ProofPoint.png 2023-11-28 23:05:04 Proofpoint\'s 2024 Predictions: Brace for Impact (lien direct) In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, defenders find themselves navigating yet another challenging year. Threat actors persistently refine their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), showcasing adaptability and the rapid iteration of novel and complex attack chains. At the heart of this evolution lies a crucial shift: threat actors now prioritize identity over technology. While the specifics of TTPs and the targeted technology may change, one constant remains: humans and their identities are the most targeted links in the attack chain. Recent instances of supply chain attacks exemplify this shift, illustrating how adversaries have pivoted from exploiting software vulnerabilities to targeting human vulnerabilities through social engineering and phishing. Notably, the innovative use of generative AI, especially its ability to improve phishing emails, exemplifies a shift towards manipulating human behavior rather than exploiting technological weaknesses. As we reflect on 2023, it becomes evident that cyber threat actors possess the capabilities and resources to adapt their tactics in response to increased security measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). Looking ahead to 2024, the trend suggests that threats will persistently revolve around humans, compelling defenders to take a different approach to breaking the attack chain. So, what's on the horizon? The experts at Proofpoint provide insightful predictions for the next 12 months, shedding light on what security teams might encounter and the implications of these trends. 1. Cyber Heists: Casinos are Just the Tip of the Iceberg Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting digital supply chain vendors, with a heightened focus on security and identity providers. Aggressive social engineering tactics, including phishing campaigns, are becoming more prevalent. The Scattered Spider group, responsible for ransomware attacks on Las Vegas casinos, showcases the sophistication of these tactics. Phishing help desk employees for login credentials and bypassing MFA through phishing one-time password (OTP) codes are becoming standard practices. These tactics have extended to supply chain attacks, compromising identity provider (IDP) vendors to access valuable customer information. The forecast for 2024 includes the replication and widespread adoption of such aggressive social engineering tactics, broadening the scope of initial compromise attempts beyond the traditional edge device and file transfer appliances. 2. Generative AI: The Double-Edged Sword The explosive growth of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, FraudGPT and WormGPT bring both promise and peril, but the sky is not falling as far as cybersecurity is concerned. While large language models took the stage, the fear of misuse prompted the U.S. president to issue an executive order in October 2023. At the moment, threat actors are making bank doing other things. Why bother reinventing the model when it's working just fine? But they'll morph their TTPs when detection starts to improve in those areas. On the flip side, more vendors will start injecting AI and large language models into their products and processes to boost their security offerings. Across the globe, privacy watchdogs and customers alike will demand responsible AI policies from technology companies, which means we'll start seeing statements being published about responsible AI policies. Expect both spectacular failures and responsible AI policies to emerge. 3. Mobile Device Phishing: The Rise of Omni-Channel Tactics take Centre Stage A notable trend for 2023 was the dramatic increase in mobile device phishing and we expect this threat to rise even more in 2024. Threat actors are strategically redirecting victims to mobile interactions, exploiting the vulnerabilities inherent in mobile platforms. Conversational abuse, including conversational smishing, has experienced exponential growth. Multi-touch campaigns aim to lure users away from desktops to mobile devices, utilizing tactics like QR codes and fraudulent voice calls. Th Prediction ★★★
SonarSource.png 2023-11-28 23:00:00 Sonar is “On the Radar”: New Omdia Report (lien direct) Omdia - an analyst firm that provides decades of industry experience, world-class research and consultancy, and actionable insights in over 200 markets - has published research about Sonar, our solutions, and recent innovations of deeper SAST and zero-configuration automatic analysis for C/C++. The research digs into why Sonar should be on your radar and also takes a look at the market view as well as from a current positioning.
RecordedFuture.png 2023-11-28 22:15:00 Experts warn of critical ownCloud vulnerability being exploited (lien direct) Several security research companies are warning that a recently disclosed vulnerability affecting ownCloud is being exploited by hackers, ramping up the urgency for organizations to address the bug as soon as possible. ownCloud is a popular open-source software used to share files, contacts and calendar info. Last Tuesday, the company warned of CVE-2023-49103 - a ★★
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